6 Best Commercial Espresso Machine 2021 – Complete Buying Guide

If you want to start a business related to food and beverage, then opening a coffee shop is the most viable option. That in present times when life has become fast-paced and people have not much time at hand to spare, they like to have food and drinks while on the go. In this scenario, a coffee shop is a perfect place for them to catch a snack on the run.

Once you have made up your mind to open a coffee shop, you must have taken the initial and basic steps towards it. From making a business plan to choosing a suitable name to secure a nice place for the coffee shop, you must have done it all. But the most important part and parcel of any coffee shop is an espresso machine.

There are many commercial coffee machines in the market to choose from. Different coffee machines have their budget and specifications. If one is not clear about exactly what type of coffee machine will be the most suitable, then purchasing one can be a daunting, overwhelming, and confusing task.

Keeping in mind the difficulties of new entrepreneurs or for that matter, those who want to upgrade their coffee shop, some of the best coffee machines have been shortlisted below to choose from.

Best Espresso Machines 2021

The market offers three different types of coffee machines. They are: manually controlled, semi-automatic, and super-automatic.

If you want to give your coffee shop a vintage look, then a manually controlled coffee machine is the right choice. But these machines need to have high maintenance and care. They also require a bit more work and are rare to find. Keeping in mind the high-performance equipment maintenance, which refers to a daily routine like cleaning or getting the machine repaired, we need to consider the ease of use and repair.

If you want to serve your customers with the best quality drinks and have hired a skilled barista then a semi-automatic coffee machine is the ultimate choice for you. You have to make sure that your staff is capable and skilled enough to pull shots so your customers can enjoy a consistent quality of their coffee every time they visit your coffee shop.

A super-automatic coffee machine may not be equipped enough to prepare the best quality coffee, but consistency and ease of use is their most prominent and likable feature. If you want a coffee shop where you want the customers to have an option of making their coffee or do not have a very skilled staff, then this type of coffee machine can serve the purpose.

Super-automatic coffee machines offer two varieties: one step or two steps. A one-step machine can pull the espresso shots and froth the milk as well, so the barista does not need to do much. This variety does not require a lot of skill to operate.

Two-step machines, on the other hand, can only pull the espresso shots but the barista needs to froth the milk to add to the coffee. This variety needs a better-skilled barista to maintain the consistency of quality.

While you are ready to purchase a commercial espresso machine for your coffee shop, you need to keep all three types of coffee machines in mind.

Below, the features of different types of coffee machines have been shared so you can choose the one that is the most suitable to your needs and requirements.

La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B Commercial 2 Group 14L Boiler Volumetric Espresso Machine

La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B Commercial 2 Group 14L Boiler Volumetric Espresso MachineThis machine is manufactured in Milan, Italy, and has many features. It is built to the highest engineering standards. It is one of the famous companies manufacturing machines since 1905. It has dedicated customer service and many service centers.

Product Features

This machine is manufactured using press-forged brass and is chrome plated. It has a pressurization system and vertical infusion chamber. The boiler has front injectors for each group, is equipped with copper transversal heat exchangers.

For every group, it has an independent radiator hydraulic system. It is equipped with a double scale gauge for boiler pressure control and pump. It has a sight glass water level control and the water level is automatic and electronic. It is fitted with two flexible steam jets. A flexible jet-fitted hot water tap is also provided. It is equipped with a safety thermostat that can be manually reset. It also boasts an electrical heating and electrical internal pump.

Product Specifications

Let us now look into the product specifications.

  1. The front width is 29 inches.
  2. Height and depth are 21 inches.
  3. The boiler water capacity is 14 liters.
  4. Coffee groups 2
  5. Steam Wands 2
  6. Hot waterspout 1
  7. Voltage 230
  8. Amps 19
  9. Heating Elements 2 groups 4370 W.
  10. Colors available: Ruby Red, Metal Grey, Golden Black
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Comes with a digital pad and buttons
  • Equipped with a water softener to reduce water hardness.
  • Very high price


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Breville BES870BSXL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Black Sesame

Breville BES870BSXL Barista Express Espresso MachineBreville company is based in Sydney, Australia. The company was founded in Sydney in 1932. Keeping consumer insights in mind the company is keen to produce innovation-based kitchen appliances. Over the years it has become an iconic brand and is delivering kitchen products to 70 countries.

Product Features

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine with model number BES870BSXL has many features. One of the key features is that it is compact in size and less in weight. The price for the amazing machine is $699.99 which is also quite less as compared to other espresso machines in the market.

Conical Grinder and dose

Breville Espresso machine is one of its kind all-in-one espresso maker. This machine has its own built-in conical burr grinder so before you go into extraction, you can grind coffee beans. This feature gives you the freshest, flavorful in less than one minute. Apart from that, it is fully adjustable w.r.t grinding size, dose amount, thus giving you the flexibility to adjust to taste. The machine also manages a dose of 19 – 22 grams of ground coffee which is great for creating a rich, full-bodied taste, just like the one you get from a café.

Precise Temperature Control

It also has the feature of precise temperature control (PID) which ensures optimal temperature for espresso extraction. The coffee taste can become ashy even with the difference on 1°C, by using digital temperature control (PID) technology this machine makes perfect espresso every time.

9 Bar extraction pressure and low-pressure infusion

To deliver a sweet and creamy extraction, the Breville Express for evenly soaking and expanding ground coffee uses low pressure and pre-infusion. By doing this we get golden honey crema. To create a great coffee pressure plays a very important role.


To turn milk into silky, smooth microfoam, this machine is fitted with an automatic steam wand. This produced steam at the right pressure to create thousand of bubbles, to give the milk a velvety texture.

Heating System

This machine is also equipped with a Thermo coil heating system which is in a cast-aluminum block, placed around a tube made of stainless steel. This coil system reduced heating time and does not affect the taste.

Volume Control

You can choose whether you want to make a single shot or a double shot. By programming the settings, you can customize the shot volume. Using pre-infusion low pressure increases the pressure at the beginning for a greater even extraction.


Now we will look into some of the key specifications of the product.

  1. Dimensions: 12” x 11” x 13.5”
  2. 1 Year Limited Product Warranty
  3. Brushed Stainless Steel
  4. Bean Hopper Capacity: ½ lb.
  5. Water Tank Capacity: 67 oz.
  6. Single or Double Shots
  7. Pre-Infusion Function: Gradual increase in water pressure for even extraction
  8. Purge Function: Auto adjust water temps after steam for optimal espresso temp
  9. Adjustable grind amount & Manual over-ride.
  10. 1600W Thermocoil-integrated stainless steel water path with accurate temperature control
  11. Power 1600 Watts
  12. Voltage: 110 – 120 Volts
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel design
  • Built-in grinder
  • Not suitable for busy commercial use
  • Does require some effort


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Nuova Simonelli Musica Pour Over Tank Version Lux Espresso

Nuova Simonelli Musica Pour Over Tank Version Lux EspressoThis company was started by Orlando Simonelli in 1936 in the Marche region, Italy. This company is known to produce some of the finest coffee machines. This coffee machine comes with a state-of-the-art ergonomic steam dispenser. It is small in size and is most suitable for homes, offices, and small coffee shops. It is available in two colors.


Heat Exchanger

To make sure that each espresso shot is brewed at the same temperature for maximizing taste Musica uses a heat exchanger function.

Beautiful Interface

The Musica offers beautiful programmable buttons. These buttons are backlit which further enhances the look. The buttons are made in such a way that it becomes very easy for the user to utilize the machine.

Professional Portafilter

Musica is fitted with high quality, durable, professional-level 58mm portafilter.

Steam Pressure

With high-pressure steam, you can froth the milk to a silky velvety look. Thus, enabling you to become a great barista at home.

Cup Warmers

This machine comes with the top to place 9 cappuccino shot glasses. The top is designed to work as a perfect cup warmer.


Manufacturer Nuova Simonelli Boiler Material Brass/Copper
Width 12.75 Inches Cup Clearance 3.5 Inches
Depth 16.00 Inches Boiler Volume 2 liters
Height 16.75 Inches Reservoir Size 3 liters
Watts 1200W Solenoid Valve Yes
Volts 110V Cup Warmer Yes
Programmability Shot Time Portafilter Size 58mm
Case Material Stainless Steel Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized
Warm-Up 25 minutes Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards Yes Pod Friendly Yes – with adaptation
Water Sources Reservoir Auto Shut Off No
Auto On No Pre-Infusion Aroma Yes
Material Stainless Steel
  • Amazing espresso shots once tweaked to your taste
  • Beautiful design and looks
  • Amazing steam great froth
  • Large size for home use
  • Not suitable for busy café


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Sixties Deliziosa Commercial Espresso Machine

Sixties Deliziosa Commercial Espresso Machine The Sixties Deliziosa Commercial Espresso Machine is produced by Elektra. Elektra is a family-owned Italian company that started in 1947. The company is owned and run by the Fregnan family. This company has established its name in the market for manufacturing high-quality, easy-to-use espresso machines.


Let us study some of the amazing features of this quality espresso machine.

Metal Body

Sixties Deliziosa Espresso machine has a shiny brass polished metal body. The metal body is made of stainless steel and it is also brass polished. The stainless-steel body is hand-assembled.

Automatic 5 Dosses Device

Sixties Deliziosa Espresso machine is fitted with two sets of push-button panels. These push-button panels are adorned with sturdy soft-touch coffee dispensing button.

Steel Frame with Anti-Twist Unit Connections

Deliziosa espresso machine is fitted with sturdy support frames that are reinforced to avoid any twisting. This feature makes the machine more viable for commercial use.

Dispenser Unit with High Heat Stability

High thermic stability is made possible by fitting the machine with over 2 kg of the exclusive dispenser unit.

High Precision Gauge with Double Scale

By integrating pump and boiler pressure in one tool it gets easy to monitor.

Brewing Temperature Electronic Control Setting

The water temperature of the boiler is electronically controlled. +/- 1°C the brewing temperature can be precisely adjusted. It is fitted with electronic brewing temperature control.

Heat Exchangers are Accessible for Inspection

Accessibility is provided to heat exchangers for control and cleaning.


  • Measurements: 18” H x 13.75” W x 20” D
  • Weight: 77.16 pounds
  • Power: 2200 Watts, 110 Volts, 60Hertz
  • Boiler Capacity: 1.45 Gallons (5.5 liters)
  • Filter Basket size: 2.28” (58mm)
  • Made In: Treviso Italy
  • Stainless steel ultra-polished finish
  • Dual gauge showing boiler pressure and pump pressure
  • Clean water supply as filter fitted on espresso head
  • Only one espresso steam wand
  • Unit more suitable for commercial use


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Bezzera Magica Commercial Espresso Machine E61 Brewing Group

Bezzera Magica Commercial Espresso Machine E61 Brewing GroupBezzera company was established in 1901 when Luigi Bezzera. In 1906 at the Milan International Fair the first espresso coffee machine was presented for exhibition.


Group Head of E61

This machine comes with the most famous E61 group head. This group head is considered the golden standard for high-quality espresso machines. This group head is used in espresso machines for the last 50 years. This group head gets heated up through a thermosyphon system which helps in circulating the water through the group head to keep it hot.

A lever is raised to control the group head to activate the vibration pump and opens the valve of the group solenoid so that the coffee can be poured into the cups. By lowering the lever, brewing can be stopped.

Professional Gauges

This machine comes with two manometers. The first one is the standard boiler pressure indicator, and the second one is used to measure the extraction pressure. This is the most prominent tool of the machine because when espresso is being extracted a window is provided to the extraction.

Joystick Style Knobs

This machine has joystick style wands which give the facility of an instant on/instant off. This is its trendiest feature as it is not holding the typical taps which sometimes get over tightened.

Heat Exchanging Boiler

Bezzera Magica comes with a copper boiler that has a heat exchanging system. This system gives you the freedom to steam milk and extracts espresso in one go.


  • Color: Silver
  • Watts:  1350W
  • Water Tank: ½ Gallon
  • Copper Boiler: 2 Liters
  • Pump: Vibrating
  • Weight: 22 Kgs
  • Width: 300mm
  • Depth: 425mm
  • Height: 315mm
  • Made In: Italy
  • Handles: Single and Double
  • Group Head: 58mm Faema E61
  • Joystick knobs prevent over-tightening
  • 2 Manometers give extraction pressure and boiler pressure
  • Automatic water refill
  • Built-in cup warmer
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Overly priced


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Saeco Xelsis Automatic Espresso Machine, Titanium Metal Front

Saeco Xelsis Automatic Espresso MachineSaeco Xelsis is manufactured by Philips, which is a world-renowned brand.


Premier Programming

This machine gives you the freedom to program the dose of milk and espresso, temperature and texture, everything in advance. This feature saves a lot of time as you will just dial your drink and sit back and relax.

Touch Screen Control

This super-automatic espresso machine offers an innovative feature of LED display with a touch screen. This feature helps in showcasing the programming of this machine.

Double Thermo Blocks

These double thermo blocks come in very handy in controlling the exact temperature of each drink. These blocks are committed to brewing and steaming and help in giving accurate temperatures.

Hygiesteam System

This system comes in super handy in giving texture control, neat cycles, and automatic purge.

Good Variety

The Saeco Xelsis espresso machine is a true family gadget. It has the capacity to create coffee drinks of 15 different varieties. This means it caters to the choices of the whole family.


  • Material: Titanium
  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Style: Automatic
  • Grinder: Ceramic
  • Controls: Touch Screen
  • User Profile: 6 customizable
  • Color:  Silver
  • Temperature setting: 3
  • Touch screen size: 3.5 Inch
  • Dimension: 23.43” x 14.49” x 20.47”
  • Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Coffee equalizer provides control on taste, temperature, and strength
  • 6 user profile setting can be saved
  • Hygiesteam keeps the milk handling clean and quick
  • Wide variety of coffee options
  • The grinder is not at par with other espresso machines

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Which Coffee Machine to Buy?

Now the question arises, which coffee machine to choose from. Since the manual coffee machines for commercial purposes are out of the question. We are left with semi-automatic or super-automatic commercial coffee machines.

Depending on the business scale, if you are expecting to have fewer customers or a medium flow of customers then a semi-auto espresso machine should do the trick. This would save you from investing too much on the upfront cost of a super-automatic espresso machine. Tweaking the grinding and extraction process manually will add an artisanal touch to the coffee. Such a tweak can lead to establishing a café brand of your own.

Another important point to ponder is the scale of business which should dictate which machine you should buy. The scale of business means how many cups of coffee are you expecting to sell? Another point that you need to keep in focus on is the availability of space. You may also consider the number of baristas who would operate these commercial espresso coffee machines.

You also need to consider the boiler capacity. More number of heads means larger boiler capacity. You need to calculate whether the boiler capacity would suffice during the peak period. Last but not least you need to consider the ease of use and maintenance.

After considering all the above points you need to decide which commercial espresso coffee machine is best suited to your business needs. After having stated all of the above the key point is consistency in the quality of espresso shots. That is something that would bring the customers back day after day.


There are many things to consider when buying a commercial espresso machine. Commercial espresso machines are manufactured to cater to the needs of a Café business. That is why they are built to perform day in day out and are designed to produce high-quality coffee.

Just like the fact that you cannot rush a business plan or strategy or nor can you rush choosing the right name for the business outlet. Similarly, you cannot rush the decision on buying the coffee machine. So, choose it wisely from our list.


How can we distinguish between Coffee and Espresso?
Hot water is run through ground coffee beans to brew coffee, whereas steam or hot water is forced through super finely ground dark roasted coffee beans to brew a cup of espresso. This means espresso needs pressure and hot water or steam to draw out the natural flavors from the darkly roasted coffee beans.
How many types of commercial espresso machines are available in the market?
There are three types of espresso coffee machines available in the market. The espresso machines are Manual espresso machines, Semi-auto espresso machines, and Super Automatic espresso machines. Manual espresso machines are rare to find as they are high maintenance and repair. Semi-auto and Super Automatic espresso machines are readily available in the market.
How much does an espresso machine cost?
If you are looking for a top-end commercial espresso machine, you might pay from $2500 to $5000 give or take. If you are not looking for a top-end commercial espresso machine but something competitive you would need to arrange a budget between $700 – $2000.


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