10 Best Espresso Coffee Beans – 2021 Review and Buyer’s Guide

Before we dive into this discussion about the best espresso beans let us look into some facts about espresso coffee. When we extract a liquid from coffee beans then that liquid is called coffee. There are different ways this liquid extraction is carried out. You can prepare coffee in many different ways for example Pour-Over, French Press coffee, Stovetop percolator coffee, etc.

We can conclude that all types of coffees are not espresso, but all espressos are coffee. You can confidently say all coffees are not espresso. The brewing methods for coffees are the main difference between coffee styles.

The brewing method is what makes the difference. What do we mean by different brewing methods? When we are preparing coffee, the objective is to soak the coffee ground and use different ways to extract the juice out of the coffee ground. This can either be done manually or through a sophisticated machine. For espresso for example there are many different machines available in the market.

The coffee is finely ground and placed in the coffee machine. The coffee machine pumps near-boiling water through the finely ground coffee with pressure. The resultant concoction is an aromatic, mixture that would have varied textures and smoothness.  This concoction will be packed with caffeine as per the choice of the person making the coffee.

This does not mean you cannot make espresso without a coffee machine. The coffee machines just take the hassle out of the process and give you amazing results in less than a minute. But if you do not want to invest in a coffee machine, or just like to indulge in process of manually extracting the coffee juice. Then you can do just that in the comfort of your home.

Here we will not discuss different brewing methods in detail. We will look at the best espresso coffee beans available on Amazon.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Gourmet CoffeeKoffee Kult is a family-owned coffee roasting company. The company focuses on environmentally friendly methods of roasting coffee beans. Koffee Kult is based in Hollywood, FL, and has a multi-roaster facility that is managed by expert coffee roasters. This company also focuses on sourcing the beans from farms that are also practicing sustainable farming and practicing environmentally friendly methods.


Coffee beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra which are organically grown, giving them richness in taste and are full-bodied whole coffee beans are sourced by Koffee Kult. These coffee beans are grown in rainforests which give a very unique freshness to the coffee.

This coffee is high in aroma and has a strong smooth taste. It is not bitter which makes it the ultimate choice for gourmet coffees. The coffee beans used in this coffee are 100% Arabica and are artisan roasted. These dark roasted coffee beans carry the flavors of cocoa and cinnamon.


The coffee beans are roasted in small batches and are packaged instantly to retain the freshness of the coffee. The roasting level is dark roast which means that the coffee beans are roasted past the second split. The coffee beans are caffeinated. The package is 32oz in weight.

  • 100% Gourmet Arabica coffee.
  • Cinnamon and Cocoa flavor.
  • Rich aroma.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Resealable coffee bag.
  • Organically grown.
  • Low caffeine level.
  • Not decaffeinated.
  • Dietary Supplements not evaluated by FDA.


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Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Ground USDA Certified Organic

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Ground USDA Certified OrganicMike Brown, the founder of Death Wish Co. New York, developed this coffee blend to serve the early morning dazed customers. With the unique and perfect blend of high-quality beans paired with the unmatching roasting skills of Mike; the world’s strongest coffee came into existence. Thousands of people from around the world, today vouch for the fact that Death Wish Dark coffee is the one that gives them the right kick to get them going every day.


Premium quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are meticulously selected and perfectly roasted to offer an intense morning cup of coffee to transform your morning into an energized day. The unique roasting technique of both types of coffee beans naturally produces a double-strength coffee.

The coffee beans are organically grown, and no additives or artificial flavoring is used to enhance the taste and caffeine content of the coffee. That is why it does not give an after-taste bitterness and is low on acidity. The dark roasted coffee beans give minuscule notes of cherry and chocolate.


The coffee beans are dark roasted which means they are roasted to a second split. The packaging is 16oz in weight. This coffee has fair trade, USDA, and organic certifications. This coffee is high in caffeine content. The coffee beans are roasted in small batches of 65lbs. This roasting in small batches is carried out under the supervision of master coffee roasters, thus ensuring high-quality roastings.

  • Caffeine content is high.
  • USDA certified.
  • 100% organic.
  • Fairtrade satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Dark, smooth, and flavorful roast.
  • Low in acidity and bitterness.
  • Oily beans are not suitable for every grinder.
  • Low-quality Robusta coffee beans are used.
  • Costly in price.


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Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee BlendLavazza family in Turin, Italy established the Lavazza coffee brand in 1895. For the past many decades Lavazza stands for its choice of the highest quality beans to nourish the coffee lovers with experience of authentic Italian coffee.

Lavazza strives to offer a rich and aromatic taste profile to its consumer. From a mindful selection of beans to a unique and innovative way of roasting technique, Lavazza makes sure that they offer a well-balanced taste of coffee in every sip. This coffee specially caters to those who love to have a traditional cup of espresso with a sharp but bitterness-free flavor.


This coffee has a combination of Arabica and Robusta. Arabica has a 60% while Robusta consists of a 40% ratio. These whole beans have been given an espresso roast accompanied by flowery and fruity notes. Balanced roasting gives these beans a compact crema and intense aroma. These coffee beans have been produced in a nut-free facility center which ensures that it has only coffee in it.

Coffee made from these beans gives notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar which give it not only a nutty flavor but natural sweetness as well. It can be easily prepared in an espresso machine. Its compact crema is thick and easy to attain.


It has a vacuum-packed bag with a one-way valve. It has a medium roast. The beans are caffeinated. If prepared in an espresso machine it gives the best results to espresso lovers. It does not have even a hint of bitterness in it can be easily enjoyed with a dash of sugar. The packaging is a 1kg bag containing whole beans. Its taste profile is medium-light and aromatic.

  • High-quality beans especially for espresso lovers.
  • Low in bitterness.
  • Naturally sweet.
  • One-way valve vacuum packing for maximum freshness.
  • Produced in a nut-free facility.
  • It may not be preferred by high bitterness coffee lovers.
  • Only caffeinated option available.
  • Fluctuating price.


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Kicking Horse Coffee, 454 Horse Power, Dark Roast, Whole Bean

Kicking Horse Coffee, 454 Horse PowerThis company was conceptualized by two young like-minded people. These two youngsters were found on traveling but a time came when they hung their wandering shoes and they put on thinking caps to create wonder. Elena Rosenfeld and Leo Johnson came up with the idea to start a coffee roasting company.

This roastery started in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, near Invermere BC. The two coffee lovers started roasting small batches of good-quality coffee beans. This company now employs over 100 people and are selling coffee to coffee lovers all over the world.


454 Horse Power coffee is one of the finest coffees offered by this company. The coffee beans are source from Indonesia, Central, and South America. The coffee beans are dark roasted to the degree of a second split. This dark roasting brings out the different aromas and gives it a smooth texture. This coffee has the aroma of cacao nibs, peat, and a dash of nutmeg.

It can be used in many brewing manners. The company recommends French press, Drip machine, Pour over, and cold brew. It offers to taste notes of sweet tobacco, black licorice finish with a heavy, earthy feel.


100% organic Arabica coffee beans. Dark roasting to the second split. Packed in 1lb airtight bags.

  • 100% Arabica coffee beans.
  • Free trade certified.
  • USDA certified organic.
  • Low acidity.
  • Cacao and peat aroma.
  • Oily beans are not suitable for just any grinder.
  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for Latte.


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CoffeeBean Direct Italian Roast Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

CoffeeBean Direct Italian Roast Espresso Whole Bean CoffeeThis company is based in French Town, New Jersey, United States. It has an independently owned and operated roastery. This company has two more brands under its name which are dealing with green tea and green coffee. All three brands are working in the same facility.


The Direct Italian Roast Espresso as the name suggests is dark roasted coffee. This coffee is roasted to a second split which gives it a smooth, shiny body. It has medium acidity since the coffee beans are not dark roasted for a long time. This ensures that coffee lovers who love more acidity enjoy it to the maximum. The coffee beans are sourced from South America and India.


It has a strong aroma which gives the feel of honey. It has a dark roast blend which gives the flavor notes of smoky molasses and cocoa. This coffee comes in 5lb bags which are sealed for freshness. The coffee beans are vacuum packed.

  • Smoke and cocoa aroma.
  • Vacuum packed.
  • Expensive.
  • Bitter aftertaste.
  • High amounts of coffee to water ratio for decent coffee.


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Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean CoffeeThis coffee company is based in Portland, Oregon state in the US. The company was started by Duane Sorenson in a long-shuttered beauty parlor. The beautiful part of this history is the company still has Hair Bender sign in their headquarters.

Stumptown is a well-known patron and advocate of the third wave of coffee. The Stumptown coffee company is one of the “Big Three of Third Wave Coffee”.


Stumptown coffee roasters source their high-quality coffee beans from Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa. The company as mentioned above is a leader in the third wave and for the same reason, they endeavor towards remaining a leader in sustainability. This way they promote equitability, sustainable farming methods, and are making earnest and everlasting improvement to producers and the planet.


The Hair Bender Blend has preciseness and intricacy. It offers to taste notes of dark chocolate and citrus. This is due to the balancing of bountiful textures of Indonesian, African, and Latin American beans mixed in a well-worked composition. The airtight and sealed bags keep the coffee beans fresh for 90 days if left unopened. The coffee bag once opened it is best to consume the coffee in 2 weeks.

The coffee is medium roasted to retain more acidity and flavor. It is most suitable for espresso making. It also tastes great if milk is added to it. The coffee beans are 100% Arabica coffee.

  • Has a thick body.
  • Has a rich crema.
  • This blend makes great espresso and coffee.
  • Supports sustainable farming.
  • Artisanal Coffee.
  • The aftertaste is complex.
  • Bitterness was observed at times.


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Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee Medium Roast Whole BeansThe origin of these coffee beans is Hawaii, US. The Kona Island of Hawaii where these coffee plantations thrive on volcanic ash-rich soil. These coffee beans are sourced from Kona Coffee Belt. The weather conditions on the Island of Hawaii are impeccable with the mix of sunlight, rainfall, and humidity.

These farms are owned and run by families since 1850. These farms practice natural and traditional growing methods. They do not use any herbicides or insecticides on the coffee plantations. The coffee cherries are handpicked when still red. They go through wet-processing and are sun-dried which adds more aroma to the coffee.


The coffee beans are purely 100% Kona coffee beans. The coffee is completely organic which gives it more flavor. Since the coffee is medium roasted therefore the oils will not be seen on the bean surface. The flavor profile of this medium roasting is a balanced aroma, acidity, and flavor. It gives a hint of vanilla and almonds.


The packaging is a 1lb bag that is valve sealed. The beans are also nitrogen flushed and are multi-layered lamination and zip-lock packing is done. These are 100% Kona coffee beans from a single coffee estate. This means that beans are not pooled or mixed with other kinds of coffee beans. These coffee beans are 100% organic and are free from herbicides or insecticides.

  • 100% Kona coffee beans.
  • Checked, inspected, and certified by Government.
  • Handpicked and sun-dried.
  • Free from insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • State-of-the-art packing.
  • High price.
  • Good quality coffee grinder required to attain ideal flavor.


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Klatch Coffee WBC Worlds Best Espresso

Klatch Coffee WBC Worlds Best EspressoWorld Barista Championship held in Japan in 2007 pronounced Klatch Coffee as the best espresso in the world. It overpowered 45 competing countries in the championship. Klatch Coffee is a family business which is based in Los Angeles, CA. Starting from one retail store it has spread over three continents and has a retailer with more than eight locations.

Klatch coffee makers ensure that they get the finest results of each harvest from all over the world. These beans are then sent to Southern California where a unique balance of science and artistry called “Peak of Flavor” roast style is accomplished.

The number of awards this coffee brand has won over the years showcases the fact that the effort which is put into sourcing and roasting coffee beans cannot be denied.


This coffee combines the outstanding Brazilian yellow bourbon, Sumatran Lake Tawar, and Ethiopian Natural to produce the world’s best coffee. Each of the coffee beans is medium roasted separately.

Once roasted these whole roasted coffee beans are blended to bring out the right balance and peak of flavor. This coffee is good to be served with milk and can be equally delicious if served as a straight espresso shot.


The beans in this coffee are medium roasted and are caffeinated. This coffee has notes of orange citrus, berry, and sweet dark chocolate. This company roasts the coffee beans as per the order received and the roaster directly ships them to the consumer. Mostly the beans are roasted 2 – 4 days before delivery.

  • Roasted to order.
  • Fresh, fruity, and chocolatey notes.
  • Amazing aroma.
  • Great for the espresso shot.
  • The flavor is a unique blend of science and artistry.
  • Decaf not available.
  • Not evaluated by FDA.
  • Aftertaste stays in the mouth for a long time.


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Café de Loja Award-Winning Specialty Coffee Beans Medium/Dark Roast

Café de Loja Award-Winning Specialty Coffee Beans MediumThe coffee beans for this coffee come from Ecuador where the owner of this brand himself assists in their harvest. Handpicked red cherries are used in Café de Loja. Once they are picked, they are sorted again to get rid of the cherries which do not meet the standards of this premium coffee.

Coffee beans from the cherry are washed, dried, and then medium roasted by SCAE certified roasters to maintain the strict roasting profile. Once roasted these whole beans are rested before packaging. After packaging, they are delivered at the doorsteps of the consumers.

The Arabica coffee beans used in this coffee are harvested at high altitude and slow growth which gives the coffee a deep fruity flavor. This is a family-run business that was started by Vinicio Davila in 1996.


The most outstanding feature of this coffee is that with deep fruity flavor this is suitable for every type of brewing method, be it French Press, Espresso, Turkish, etc. Arabica coffee beans are roasted to perfection so that they are neither over roasted nor burnt, but the natural flavors can satisfy the taste buds of every kind of coffee lover.

The high altitude harvesting and perfectly time roasting make this coffee flavorful, acidic in the right proportion with a smooth, crisp flavor.


This coffee comes with a special triple-layered aluminum packaging. These extra layers of packaging keep the oxygen out and freshness intact. The company uses scientific sampling methods to monitor that each batch of roast coffee has a consistent flavor and the right amount of acidity without a bitter aftertaste.

  • Award-winning coffee.
  • High-quality packing.
  • Suitable for all coffee types.
  • No bitter aftertaste.
  • High altitude harvesting.
  • Packing not vacuum-sealed.
  • No decaf is available.


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Caffe Appassionato Organic Shade Grown Espresso Roast Coffee

Caffe Appassionato Organic Shade Grown Espresso Roast CoffeeIs the world’s finest gourmet coffee. This company is the premier roasting company of the Pacific Northwest. They are known for full-bodied flavor, low in acidity premium coffees. They are based in the Magnolia neighborhood which is situated in Seattle.

This coffee has the highest standards of the Smithsonian Institute and is certified to be organic by OCIA. The coffee beans used in this coffee are grown without the use of any chemicals, thus it is 100% organic.


Caffe Appassionato comprises Arabica whole beans which are produced full-bodied by roasting at low temperatures. This coffee has a strong finish and is especially liked by espresso lovers. It is medium-dark roasted and gives an aroma of sweet, roast with a glimmer of pineapple. It comprises of medium acidity and gives the feel of earth and grit.


This coffee comes with airtight packaging. To retain the maximum level of freshness after roasting, its bags come with a 1-way valve. For the protection of migratory birds, the coffee beans are grown in shade. It comes with a certificate awarded by the Washington State Dept of Agriculture for fair trade.

  • For the protection of migratory birds, population harvest is shade-grown.
  • Low in acidity.
  • Specially designed for espresso lovers.
  • 100% organic.
  • Airtight packing with a 1-way valve.
  • Burned taste.


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Espresso Coffee Bean Buyers Guide

When you think of coffee, espresso comes across as the most loved and craved variety of coffee. Among all the varieties of coffee beans, espresso beans are considered the most underdone and unblended form of caffeine. These are considered to be excellent body booster that is why an espresso shot can be taken any time of the day.

To make a good cup of espresso the correct blend and crema are not the only things that are required. The perfect choice for making an espresso shot is all the more important. It is a very common misconception that any variety of coffee beans would do the job, but this is far from reality.

In this given article we have tried to give you a detailed insight about choosing the right coffee beans so that you can have a perfect espresso shot as per your taste and preferences.


From the above-listed variety of espresso coffee beans, the chance of you selecting the perfect brand of coffee beans must have become easier. There is some basic pointer which needs to be kept in mind to know what exactly you want from your choice of coffee brand.

The level of roasting defines the color, bitterness, and harshness of your coffee. Milk and sugar added to a lighter roast will spoil the taste. If you want a bitter after taste then a dark roast must be your choice.

The freshness of coffee beans is also another important factor. Ideally, after roasting, the coffee must be served within 7 – 14 days. The flavor starts to become stale after 2 weeks of roasting.

Pre-ground beans do not require a lot of time to brew but lose flavor immediately once ground. If you have time to brew the beans, then whole beans will serve the purpose.


Can you use coffee beans for Espresso?
One can use any kind of coffee bean for espresso. Espresso is the brewing method of coffee. All that is required to make an espresso coffee is an espresso machine and finely ground coffee beans. The preferred way of roasting coffee for an espresso is dark roasting. Otherwise, any kind of coffee grind can be used to make espresso depending on one’s choice.
What makes espresso beans different from other coffee beans?
Coffee beans which are to be roasted for espresso go through a different kind of roasting. Espresso coffee beans are dark roasted, and the roasting time is longer than usual. The coffee beans are roasted till the second split. Longer roasting reduces the acidity of the coffee beans.
How to grind espresso beans?
Espresso bean which is roasted for a longer period and is dark roasted to bring out the oil and give the bean dark color and shine. After roasting the next step to making a perfect espresso is to grind the coffee bean as finely as possible. The finely ground beans are the key to creating a great espresso. The espresso coffee machine forces hot water over the coffee ground with high pressure. The coffee grounds are compacted before being placed in the coffee machine to get even penetration through the coffee. The resultant concoction is Espresso.

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