Top 10 Best Nespresso Capsules – 2021 Review

Nowadays people do not have time to make coffee in the traditional style. With busy and hectic lives and always running from one place to another people do not find it pleasing to brew a coffee manually. Not only that people are short of time but also traditionally making coffee has its nuances.

When you want a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and do not have ground coffee then your first thought would be to grab a coffee from the nearest coffee shop. With busy schedules and traffic woes, people need quick ways to arrange a morning coffee.

Technology has beautifully solved this problem. All you need is a pod-coffee machine and coffee capsules. Just fill the coffee machine with water, place a capsule in the machine, and with the press of a button the coffee is delivered in the cup placed in the cupholder.

The coffee machines which use capsules are simple to use, the capsules pack all the messy stuff in them, and the machine delivers a tasty coffee in a couple of minutes. It is an expensive choice but overtime it becomes feasible as it saves you from running to the nearest coffee shop. You can warm up a small snack and place the capsule in the coffee machine, press the button and you got it.

Not only these coffee machines are time-saving but they save you from the hassle of heating the water, grinding the coffee, and after assembling the coffee cleaning all the utensils. These coffee capsules and coffee machines can also be used in the offices. Below we will look into different kinds of coffee capsules.

1. Nespresso Original Line Linizio Lungo Coffee Capsules

Nespresso Original Line Linizio Lungo Coffee CapsulesThis coffee capsule is made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee. The coffee bean is pure Arabica with spit roasting. It has a taste similar to bourbon with a malty feel to it. It has a cereal-like flavor, it comprises a character that is mild and smooth.

The Arabica beans which are used in Nespresso Coffee capsules are specially hand-picked from Brazil and Colombia. The Brazilian and Colombian beans are treated differently from each other. The Brazilian bourbon beans are first washed, de-pulped, and along with their mucilage is sun-dried. The Colombian beans along with their mucilage are first fermented and washed later on.

The sun-dried Brazilian bourbon beans are darker as they are roasted for a longer period. The Colombian bean is roasted for a shorter time which is why they have a lighter shade. These beans have a typical sugarcane type of flavor.

These swiss made coffee capsules are made of roasted and ground coffee which has an aromatic profile that is round and smooth and has a cereal-like aroma.


The intensity level of this capsule is 4. The coffee beans are lightly roasted. For those who do not like their coffee to be too bitter or acidic then this coffee capsule is for them. The size of this capsule is enough to make standard 110ml espresso.

The coffee capsules come with aluminum packaging which guarantees the freshness of the coffee. The appreciable fact about this packaging is that it is completely recyclable. Different options are provided to recycle these aluminum pods which are necessary for sustainable living.

  • Bitterness is less.
  • Less acidic.
  • Can be used with/without milk.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Less intensity.
  • Not compatible with VertuoLine machines.


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2. Nespresso Original Line, Arpeggio Intenso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso Original Line, Arpeggio Intenso Coffee CapsulesThese coffee capsules come from Italy which is known for its cultural and artistic beauty. They have dark roasted coffee beans which offer a thick and creamy flavor.

These capsules comprise coffee beans that come from the South American country of Costa Rica. These Costa Rican coffee beans are deeply roasted which gives a cocoa-like flavor, that gives it a very defining blend. These roasted beans are then finely ground to give a creamy and velvety texture to the coffee with malted notes.

The coffee made from these capsules gives a very distinct shine to the cup which is irresistible and adds to the intense flavor of a coffee cup.


It has an intensity of 9. Bitterness is high but it is low on acidity. It is dark roasted with a rich and bold body. It is also available in a decaffeinated variety. The coffee capsule makes standard 110ml espresso. Like other Nespresso coffee capsules, this capsule is also packed in aluminum packaging. The packaging not only ensures the freshness of the coffee inside but is also completely recyclable.

It provides the traditional 1.35ounce coffee cup.

  • Low on acidity.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Intense body.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Decaffeinated also available.
  • Can be made with and without milk.
  • High in bitterness.
  • Not suitable with VertuoLine coffee machines.


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3. Nespresso VertuoLine Alto XL Intenso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso VertuoLine Alto XL Intenso Coffee CapsulesThese coffee capsules are comprised of Robusta coffee beans which come from Guatemala, South America. These beans give a very distinct flavor of dark caramel and dried wood. These coffee beans have a very interminable bitterness. To balance this bitterness Costa Rican washed Arabica is used. The combination of these two distinct flavors gives a very thick and condensed body to the coffee.

The Guatemalan Robusta are high-altitude coffee beans that have a bold flavor. On the other hand, Costa Rican Arabica coffee beans have a sweet malty taste. The bitterness and boldness of Robusta and the sweetness of Arabica coffee beans give a very complete and balanced cup of coffee.

The Guatemalan washed Robusta are split dark roasted for a long time, the Costa Rican washed Arabica is also dark roasted for a longer period, but lesser than the Robusta to give a perfect counterbalance and blend to the intensity of the coffee.


This coffee capsule has a high extraction temperature which gives a heavy yet pleasing intensity to your coffee cup. Its intensity is at level 7 and a serving cup of 14ounces can be prepared with Nespresso VirtuoLine coffee pods. These coffee pods can prepare a variety of styles from espresso to cold coffee.

Its special aluminum packaging is specially designed to keep the freshness of coffee intact and is recyclable at the same time.

  • A perfect blend of bitter and sweet coffee beans.
  • High in intensity.
  • Large serving size.
  • A variety of coffees can be prepared.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Not compatible with Original-Line machines.


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4. Nespresso VertuoLine Diavolitto Dark Roast Espresso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso VertuoLine Diavolitto Dark Roast Espresso Coffee CapsulesThis coffee capsule is high in intensity for espresso coffee lovers. These coffee capsules are comprising of Robusta and Brazilian Arabica coffee beans. The coffee made from these capsules has a thick creamy texture having oak wood and leather aroma. These capsules have a very powerful and strong flavor.

These coffee capsules prepare a bitter and intense body. The combination of central and South American Robusta and Brazilian Arabica gives an intense and powerful cup of espresso. Robusta and Arabica-washed coffee beans are split roasted to provide a strong yet mild espresso to coffee lovers.

The slow flow and high extraction temperature off Nespresso VertuoLine Diavolitto coffee capsules give a strong deep and intense smooth texture.


It has an intensity of level 11. The aromatic notes of these capsules are roasted and spicy. This espresso range offers a cup of 1.35ounces. It can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can be served as an espresso or can be poured over ice to make a cold coffee.

It has been packed in a special aluminum packaging which is recyclable. A variety of recycling options are given for recycling to safeguard the environment.

  • High on intensity.
  • Smooth in texture.
  • A variety of coffees can be prepared.
  • Can be made as black or frothy milked.
  • Bitter taste.
  • Small size but good enough for espresso.


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5. Nespresso Original-Line Ristretto Decaffeinato Coffee Capsules

Nespresso Original-Line Ristretto Decaffeinato Coffee CapsulesThis coffee capsule originates from Italy with a strong and distinct taste to it. If you are up for just a quick sip, then this coffee is surely serving the purpose. Its strong acidity level leaves its hint even with fruity notes.

The best local bars and roasters of Italy were surveyed by Nespresso experts. They tasted a whole variety of coffees and from this tasting experience came up a unique combination of Arabicas and Robustas being produced on three different continents.

The base of this coffee is kept neutral with the help of Brazilian Arabica. They are paired up with the high-quality Robusta coming from South India. The best Arabicas of South America and East Africa help in adding up the crisp fruit note. The Ristretto Italiano gives it the much-appreciated masterful finish.

Arabica and Robusta coffees are decaffeinated and slow split roasted. They give the aroma to Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano Decaffeinato and give its taste a rich roasted flavor. This coffee is intense and massive on the tongue.

This decaffeinated coffee capsule has soft cocoa notes with subtle acidity and fruity notes. It is truly an ambassador of Italian passion for coffee. The small sip of this delicious coffee perfectly showcases the fact that less can be more.


The intensity of this coffee is 10. This coffee capsule makes 1.35ounce espresso. It gives a complete range of espresso coffee be it a milder fruity one or shot Ristretto. Can be prepared with or without milk depending on one’s choice. It is high in bitterness, acidity, body, and roasting.

  • High-intensity coffee.
  • High body texture.
  • Makes espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos.
  • Completely recyclable capsules.
  • Strong and contrasting notes.
  • Exclusive to Nespresso.
  • Not compatible with VirtuoLine coffee machines.


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6. Nespresso VertuoLine Decaffeinato Mild Roast Coffee Capsules

Nespresso VertuoLine Decaffeinato Mild Roast Coffee CapsulesThese coffee capsules originate from Costa Rican and South American Arabicas. This coffee has notes of cereal and malt. When milk is added to the coffee it gives a further balanced flavor with hints of fresh nuts. The coffee beans used come from the coffee farms of Colombia and Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican Arabica coffee beans are split roasted and it gives a distinct malty note. The Colombian Arabica is also split roasted but for a longer duration which gives a lovely, rounded, body to this decaffeination. You get a smooth decaffeinated coffee at low temperature and medium flow.

This capsule of Nespresso VertuoLine Decaffeinato can make a variety of coffees. It can be used to make from iced coffee, latte, cappuccino to a mild espresso.


This coffee has an intensity of 6. It is 100% Arabica split roasted. The decaffeination makes a 7.8ounce coffee cup. Like all other Nespresso capsules this capsule is also completely recyclable. For the protection of the environment, different options for recycling are provided.

  • Mild intensity.
  • Rounded body with notes of malt and nuts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Recyclable aluminum pods.
  • Not compatible with VirtuoLine machines.
  • High price.


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7. Nespresso OriginalLine Vanilla Éclair Mild Roast Espresso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso OriginalLine Vanilla Éclair Mild Roast Espresso Coffee CapsulesThe Vanilla Éclair is originating from the Latin American region. The blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas gives it a smooth taste. The base blend also produces malted cereal notes. The Barista Creations Vanilla Éclair has a flavor that transforms into a round, smooth espresso coffee cup with sweet almond notes flowing between creamy tastes.

The Vanilla Éclair gives a velvety feel to the mild roast Nespresso. If you make a cappuccino it would give you a sweet almond note between the velvety, creamy, and custard taste.

The Brazilian Arabica bourbon beans give it around and smooth flavor. This smoothness and roundness of Brazilian Arabica bourbon taste are mixed with Colombian Arabica-washed beans. Together this blend generates a rich, creamy, velvety vanilla aroma.

The whole magical and custard taste is due to the roasting process. The Brazilian beans are lightly roasted which ensures that malty, cereal note flow out effortlessly. The Colombian Arabica coffee beans are given a short roast. The short roasting discharges the finest aromas of the coffee bean. Both the beans types are ground to a finesse. This fine grinding intensifies the flavors of the overall coffee.

This whole artisanal effort delivers a coffee capsule that presents vanilla éclair, round, smooth, silky feel in the mouth.


The intensity of this coffee is 6. It is a split roasted Brazilian and Colombian coffee bean mix. The aroma is vanilla éclair. It has a malted cereal note. The capsule brews standard 1.35ounce espresso. It can be used in a variety of recipes with or without milk. Nespresso capsules are completely recyclable.

  • Smooth creamy texture.
  • Barista Creations signature blend.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Medium strength.
  • Allergen-free.
  • No decaf.
  • Exclusive to Nespresso machine.


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8. Nespresso VertuoLine Hazelino Muffin Mild Roast Coffee Capsules

Nespresso VertuoLine Hazelino Muffin Mild Roast Coffee CapsulesThis Nespresso product is also a Barista Creations flavor signature blend. The coffee beans used are Latin American and African Arabicas mix. To give it a velvety texture and roundness the coffee beans are medium-dark split roasted. The flavor of hazelnut extract is added to the mix. When the extract is added to the coffee beans it produces notes of almond and biscuit.

The hazelnut extract which is added to the coffee beans is artificial. This Barista Creations blend of Latin American and East African Arabicas produced a base of sweet and velvety feel. The hazelnut artificial extract is added after roasting which gives a feel of exuberant pastry.

The Brazilian coffee beans are quickly roasted to a medium-dark degree. This medium-dark quick roasting brings out the sweetness from the coffee beans. The Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans are roasted to a second split. This second split roasting brings finesse to the coffee and extracts the delicate aromas.


The beans are split roasted. The intensity of this coffee is 6. It delivers a 7.8ounce brew serving quantity. The body is smooth and velvety. The aroma is hazelnut which is an artificial extract. It is free from dairy products.

  • Smooth velvety feel.
  • Pastry/biscuit note.
  • Large size.
  • Recyclable capsules.
  • More aromatic.
  • Mild intensity.
  • Exclusively for Nespresso Vertuoline.


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9. Nespresso VertuoLine Medium and Dark Roast, Variety Pack, Stormio, Odacio, Melozio

Nespresso VertuoLine Medium and Dark Roast, Variety Pack, Stormio, Odacio, MelozioNespresso Vertuoline Stormio is a blend of Guatemalan and Nicaraguan Arabica coffee beans. The coffee beans are dark and long roasted to bring out the intensity. This long roasting develops the body and the singular notes. The Guatemalan coffee beans are washed Arabica. These washed Arabica beans are ground with long roasted Nicaraguan beans to give a distinct flavor.


The intensity of Nespresso Stormio is 8. It has a rich and strong aroma with cereal, spicy and woody notes. It produces a 7.8ounce coffee which gives expanded drinking involvement. The capsules are recyclable.

Nespresso Vertuoline Odacio is a blend of East African and Nicaraguan coffee beans. Like the Storm, the Odacio are also dark and long roasted beans. The Nicaraguan beans are split roasted this adds body and texture to Ontario. The Ethiopian beans go through long pre-wetting and high temperatures. This process is used to enhance and extract delicate notes.


The intensity of Odacio is 7. The roasting is dark, and the body is fuller. This capsule makes 7.8ounce of coffee.

Nespresso Vertuoline Melozio is a blend of Central American Arabica and Brazilian Bourbon coffee beans. Like the above-mentioned other two types, this also is dark roasted. The Brazilian bourbon is the second split roasted which brings out the smooth luxurious texture and sweet cereal notes.


It has an intensity of 6. The coffee gives a rounded, smooth, and balanced feel. The serving is similar to Stormio and Ontario, which is 7.8ounces. Like all Nespresso capsules, these are also recyclable.

  • 3 different flavors to choose from.
  • Large size.
  • Recyclable.
  • 100% Arabica.
  • Not evaluated by FDA.
  • Cannot be used to make espresso.
  • Not compatible with OriginalLine machines.


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10. Nespresso OriginalLine Ispirazione Variety Pack, Mild, Medium, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee

Nespresso OriginalLine Ispirazione Variety Pack, Mild, Medium, Dark Roast Espresso CoffeeThe Nespresso OriginalLine variety pack contains 5 different assortments. These will tantalize your taste buds and satiate your love for coffee. This variety pack includes the following flavors which we will discuss below.

Nespresso OriginalLine Volluto

This coffee concoction is a blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas. Best quality Arabica is grown as per local traditions and with great care towards the environment. These coffee beans are lightly roasted which retain the cereal note of Brazilian coffee. Light roasting develops the fresh and fruity note of Colombian Arabica.


The intensity of volluto is 4. Since they are part of the espresso range, so the serving is 3.5ounce. It presents fruit notes with the feel of a sweet biscuit and round body. All Nespresso capsules are recyclable.

Nespresso OriginalLine Roma

This coffee is a blend of Mexican and Brazilian coffee beans. The Brazilian Arabica beans have a balanced, cereal base. The Brazilian Arabica are sourced from the Brazilian Plateaus. The Mexican Arabica are sourced from the rich volcanic regions of southeast Mexico. This forest region thriving due to rainfall gives coolness and shade to the coffee plantation.

The Brazilian coffee beans are deeply roasted, yet the Mexican Arabica are light roasted. Mexican beans add a delicate aroma to the mix. Topped up with fine grind retains the aromatic excellence.


It has an intensity of 8. It is mild and short, serving size of 1.35ounce. The aroma notes are woody and intense roasted. Recyclable coffee capsules. Not compatible with VertuoLine.

Nespresso OriginalLine Cosi

Nespresso Cosi is a mix of central and south American Arabicas and East African Arabica. These are lightly roasted beans; they create a note of fruit and toasted cereals.


The intensity of 4. The serving size of 1.35ounce. The taste is mild and delicate with fruit notes. Capsules are recyclable.

Nespresso OriginalLine Vivalto Lungo

Vivalto Lungo merges sophisticated floral notes and bitterness of Brazilian coffee beans grown on high altitudes. It is a mix of African Arabica and Brazilian Arabica “Cerrado”. The Ethiopian Arabica gives it floral touch and the south American beans lend it light acidity. This composite blend gives it a unique character.


The intensity of 4. The serving size is 3.7ounce. It presents subtle floral, lightly woody, and sweet cereal

notes. The capsule is completely recyclable.

Nespresso Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio

This coffee is a pure Costa Rican Arabica blend. The coffee beans are deeply roasted to bring out the velvety texture which is remarkably creamy. It has a malty aroma, and the cocoa notes give it more weight.


It has high intensity of 9. Fuller body and enhanced bitterness. Acidity is low. The serving size is 1.35ounce.  The capsules are completely recyclable.

  • A vast variety of tasteful coffee.
  • Completely recyclable capsules.
  • Environment friendly and Rainforest alliance.
  • Popular Nespresso capsules in one box.
  • 50 capsules for a longer coffee experience.
  • Not much distinction between similar types
  • Too expensive
  • Not FDA evaluated
  • Allergen warning and labeling only cater to American standards.


Choosing the Nespresso Compatible Capsule

Nespresso coffee machine prepares coffee which has extra-ordinary taste and flavor. The most striking feature about this machine is that gives you the freedom to variate your coffee drinks quite conveniently. All you need to do is opt for Nespresso compatible capsules, you can have a variety of coffees.

Anyone new to this concept of coffee making would be wondering which is the best Nespresso compatible capsule. This buying guide would be offering help for you to choose the best capsule for your cup of coffee.

Variety of Flavors Offered by Nespresso

Undoubtedly Nespresso offers varied kinds of coffees to suit every coffee lover’s choice. Each flavor in the Nespresso array of coffees is unique in taste.

If you want to experiment with your taste buds and preferences in coffee, Nespresso is providing you with a large variety of flavors to do so. In this way, you not only get the chance to explore a whole new bunch of different tastes in coffee, but it will also give you the chance to make the most of your Nespresso coffee machine.

To sum things up we can say that before buying a Nespresso machine compatible capsule, you must look into the flavors, the capsule is incorporating in itself. Your coffee machine will also be working to its full potential giving you a chance to enjoy different flavors of coffee to suit your mood.

In this article, we are encompassing different Nespresso coffee capsules, although this list is not exhaustive, it will give the reader a general understanding of the Nespresso range. Nespresso has a coffee flavor for all kinds of coffee drinkers and also caters to the coffee serving size. Not only that but also with Nespresso machine and Nespresso capsules you can come up with different varieties of coffees.


Undoubtedly, Nespresso Capsules are the fastest way to get your instant coffee ready without much effort. These capsules save you a lot of time and they give you a prolonged, refreshing and effortless experience without disturbing your normal routines.

Frankly, the type of Nespresso capsule you want is totally dependent on your taste and likings but we have compiled a great list to choose from. Hence, make your choice and enjoy effortless coffee without compromising on the taste.


How much caffeine is in a Nespresso capsule?
The caffeine content in a Nespresso capsule per brew varies from approximately 55mg – 65mg.
What Nespresso pod is similar to breakfast blend?
The New VirtuoLine assorted selection is similar to the breakfast blend.
How many shots are there in the Nespresso capsule?
In one single-serve capsule, there are two espresso shots. Coffee cravings of any size can be satisfied with a single-serve capsule as it is intense in taste.

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