Coffee Trivia: Top Fun Facts and Question

Who doesn’t know about the coffee? Everybody has drunk it in his life or at least knows about it even if he didn’t like the taste of the coffee. People drink it daily to start their day and some to work hard and to be focused at night everybody has different memories with the coffee.

Some might know it from their first date and some might have some breakup memories but have you ever wanted to know about the fun facts about the coffee which you drink daily?

If you ever want to know fun facts about coffee then this article is for you and in this, we have written all the fun facts about coffee and the questions which might come to your mind. So, let’s begin

Fun Facts about Coffee

Genus Coffea

Most people think that coffee comes from beans that might be produced from somewhere in the world but actually, it comes from fruit. Yes, you heard it right it comes from the fruit that looks like cherry it’s the seed of that fruit. The fruit is also called the Coffee cherry.

The name of that fruit is genus Coffea. This might sound interesting to you too because we find it very interesting. You might know about the coffee Arabica that comes from the plant of fruit Coffea Arabica.

World Biggest Cup of Coffee

There are many interesting things we found in the Guinness book of world records but what we found about coffee was really hilarious and interesting. Would you want to drink a cup of coffee that can have 18000 liters of coffee? Yes, your regular cup might not have 1 liter of coffee but a passionate person from Columbia makes a record of manufacturing the largest coffee cup in the world.

There were 22 people involved in this process and it takes 30 days to build the cup. The total diameter of the coffee cup is 3.36 meters.

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Mocha Java Coffee

There are many people who love to drink the flavor Mocha Java which has a more chocolaty taste but would you know how this flavor developed? There was an island of Indonesia which is called java and a port of Indonesia which is known as the Mokha.

These were the two places which are producing the coffee beans in large quantities; other ones were not discovered at that time. So, the flavor which we love to drink is the blend of these two beans from Indonesia and Yemen and this is how the name of this blend Mocha Java was introduced.

Discovering the Coffee beans

I was very curious to know that when was the coffee discovered and where and how? So, I was doing my research and got this interesting story of discovery which I will share with you too.

So, in the 19th century, there was a person in Ethiopia (the name is unknown) who was taking his goats for grazing in the fields. But after some time he feels that they are eating one berry too much and that berry boosting their energy. So, this is how the coffee was discovered but the authenticity of the story is still unknown but most historians believe this story so, we too have to believe until some other research jumps in the ground.

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Coffee Runs Buses

Have you ever heard of the fact that there was a time when coffee was used as fuel in the UK capital London and it was used to run buses? I am in shock that what we use to drink daily from the several year’s people have used it as fuel to run their buses.

There were two big companies involved in this project Bio beans and Shell. They tried to transform the coffee beans into diesel and which was successful. The project was started by looking at the wasted amount of coffee grounds in London city.

Coffee producers in the USA

In the past there the coffee was imported to Ethiopia and other countries in the united states of America but then the coffee was also produced in the Hawaii state of America and the coffee of that state was also very much popular which is also called the Kona coffee.

But now there are two states that are producing Coffee in the United States Hawaii and California because there were some people who started growing the coffee beans at the start of this century which makes two coffee suppliers for the United States of America.

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Americans obsession with coffee

There is a very interesting story behind the obsession of Americans with coffee. This story begins in the 18th century when the British government imposed taxes on the tea that gives the American revolutionary soldiers chance to raid the ships in Boston.

There were full campaigns launched against the tea and promoting the coffee there were times when if you are a tea drinker American you were considered to be unpatriotic. That also makes coffee very popular and now the consumption of coffee is highest in America as compared to all over the world.

Most Expensive Coffee

There are some people who are obsessed with expensive things and I am one of those whatever I like to eat or wear I want to know that how much the expensive things cost so,  research about which one is the most expensive coffee in the world.

So, I found out that Black ivory coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. If you are going to drink one cup of that coffee you have at least 50$ in your pocket. The coffee is imported from Thailand from the poop of the Elephant. So, I am not able to drink the beans that are sourced from the shit of the elephant but if you want to try then you can try.

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Double Caffeine Kick

Most of the known beans of coffee are Arabica beans because of their taste and price. If your first goal from drinking the coffee is to get the energy and to be focused on your work then you should try the Robusta beans because there is twice the amount of caffeine in these Robusta beans as compared to the Arabica coffee beans.

These beans are imported from Indonesia and Africa. These beans are easy to grow than compared to the other normal coffee beans. Most of the people whose primary goal is to get a kick in their ass prefers the Robusta beans coffee.

Word “Coffee”

If you are interested in coffee then these are some theories that say that this drink is named coffee.

The first one comes from Ethiopia where the coffee beans were discovered. The coffee beans are first discovered in the area of Ethiopia which is called the Kingdom of Kaffa. So, some historians say that might be the reason for the name this drink coffee.

The other theory is that it is an Arabian drink which they called qehwah but when it travels the world it changes its pronunciation from Qahwa to coffee when it reaches the English people.

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140 liters

I was very curious about the cultivation of coffee and I was very shocked to know that the one cup of coffee which you drink daily to start your day. To grow that amount of coffee there are 140 liters of water is needed. That’s why there are many people that say that coffee cultivation is not right nowadays.

The whole world is going through a crisis of water and the reserves of the water are going down day by day. There are many activists that are working to stop the cultivation of coffee because of its more consumption of water.

World’s biggest coffee producer

According to research in 2018 Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of coffee producers in the world. It gives the world’s one-third of the coffee beans. If we look at history Brazil was nothing in the production of coffee but after 1800 they started the cultivation of coffee beans.

Then within fifty years, they become giants in the production of coffee and they are holding the first position from the past century and nobody is near to them. Brazil’s total production of beans is 3 billion while the country which was near to it has the production of 1 billion.

Melitta coffee filters

Melitta is a German company which is very popular for making the coffee filter and known worldwide. All the businesses are affected due to the situation of the Covid-19. But the Melitta coffee filters have some other plans.

They found out that their filters are perfect to cover the face and used as masks to fight the virus, so they changed their coffee filters into the covid19 masks which makes them very popular around the world. It also helps the institutions to cover the need for medical masks which are very important to fight the deadly coronavirus.

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Coffee Pool

I have been through many interesting places in the world but there are some which are unknown to me till today when i started my research for the interesting facts about the coffee and you know what I got?

I came across a resort in Japan which is known for its coffee pool. Yes, you heard it right the tourists came from all over the world to take bath in the coffee pool. I was also confused about this one fact if it’s real but then I saw a video on youtube of girls swimming in the pool of coffee.

Coffee banned

There might be many people who if we tell that the coffee got banned they might think that are we a psycho or paranoid because why would anyone ban a harmless drink but there are many occasions in the history on which the coffee was banned.

In the 17th century, the paranoid king of England banned coffee houses because he thinks that the people are trying to kill him or making plots to throw him out of the palace that’s why he banned coffee houses.

The most popular religion Islam and Christianity both are against coffee and tried their best to stop their followers to drink coffee


If you are a coffee lover you have heard the name “Starbucks”. Starbuck is an international coffee house that has coffee houses at least every corner of the world.

But you will be shocked when I will tell you that the first cafe which opened in Seattle was Il Giornale then after some time they changed the name to Starbucks as their beans roasting company.

The other interesting thing about Starbucks is that the CIA headquarters in Virginia have their personal Starbucks coffee house. Isn’t that insane for that CIA has personal Starbucks which does not write your name on the cup-like all other branches of Starbucks?

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Coffee Knowledge Quiz Game

Now when you have gone through all the above articles and read them attentively then why not giving a quiz about the coffee to see how much you have about the coffee.

Q: 1: Where are the resort in which the tourists can swim and bathe in the coffee pool?

  1. Canada
  2. Brazil
  3. Japan
  4. Srilanka

Q: 2: Which is the world’s biggest coffee-consuming country per capita?

  1. Brazil
  2. United States of America
  3. Australia
  4. Finland

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Q: 3: Which beans of coffee have more caffeine?

  1. Arabica coffee beans
  2. Robusta coffee beans
  3. Excelsa coffee beans
  4. Liberica coffee beans

Q: 4: The coffee was discovered from the kingdom of Kaffa that is also the origin of the word coffee but where is that kingdom of Kaffe situated?

  1. United kingdom’
  2. United Arab emirates
  3. United States of America
  4. Ethiopia

Q: 5: Which country increases the production of coffee more than 7 times within seven years?

  1. Thailand
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. China
  4. Vietnam

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Q: 6: In 1917 a psycho king of the UK banned all the coffee houses. What was the reason behind it?

  1. Doubt of making plots against him
  2. People were doing the ILLegal activities there.
  3. They were selling weapons
  4. Drugs were sold there.

Q: 7: What is the world’s most expensive coffee that cost more than 50$ for the cup and sourced from the poop of the Elephant of Thailand?

  1. Robusta
  2. Arabica
  3. Black Ivory
  4. Liberica

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Q: 8: There is a chemical in the coffee because of which the cholesterol levels increase in the body. What is the name of that chemical?

  1. Dopamine
  2. Adenine
  3. Thymine
  4. Cafestol

Q: 9: What are the known health benefits of coffee?

  1. It is very helpful in the weight loss
  2. Good for liver disease
  3. Improves the brain functioning
  4. Above all

Q: 10: Mocha and Java blend is named because of the ports of 

  1. Australia and France
  2. Sri Lanka and the Maldives
  3. Indonesia and India
  4. Indonesia and Yemen

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Q: 11: When was the French guy named Alphonse Allais patent the instant coffee?

  1. 1921
  2. 1821
  3. 1871
  4. 1881

Q: 12: How much coffee is exported from Vietnam?

  1. 1.2 billion kg
  2. 3 billion kg
  3. 5 billion kg
  4. 1.3 billion kg

Don’t forget to write the answers in the comment section below and if you have any kind of question do tell us in the comment section we will make sure that your query will be answered.



What are the health benefits of drinking coffee?
When it comes to health the experts are divided. Some say that it is beneficial while some think that it is very risky to drink coffee. But according to the latest research, coffee is very beneficial for human health. The people who are dealing with liver disease or type 2 diabetes then research shows that it is very beneficial for them. There are many other benefits like it enhances your mood and it balances the cholesterol levels in the human body and makes your cardiovascular system healthy.
What is the difference between coffee and coffee?
The coffee beans are actually seeds that came from a fruit a cherry. The name of that fruit is the genus Coffea. These are exported from all over the world but the biggest exporter is Brazil which produces 3 billion kg of coffee beans. While coffee is the roasted and brewed form of beans that we drink in our daily life. This is the only difference between coffee and coffee that coffee is the plant from which the coffee beans are produced and when they are roasted and ground then they are called coffee.
Is Arabica the first coffee?
Arabica is the world’s most popular species of coffee and most people are known to this species of coffee. There are many countries that are producing this Arabica coffee and if you ever purchase coffee then every coffee bag has Arabica coffee written on it. Most people like this kind of coffee but that does not make it the best coffee for everyone. There are many people who like the Robusta beans coffee because it is one of the best coffee beans which gives twice the energy as compared to the Arabica coffee.
What are the top coffee consuming and producing countries?
We will first talk about the consuming countries in the world. The top consuming country is the USA. Americans are obsessed with coffee and they drink coffee a lot. The second biggest consumers of coffee are Brazil. They are some steps behind America from winning this race. But if we see the per capita ratio then we find Finland is in the first place and most of the European countries are at the top. When we see the top producing countries then Brazil is holding the top position from the past century and nobody is even close to its production. The second-biggest coffee-producing country Vietnam has twice less production than Brazil.
Who and when was instant coffee invented?
The latest researches say that instant coffee was introduced in 1881. A French guy named Alphonse Allais patented this coffee in 1881. This research wastes the other research that says that instant coffee was invented by Japanese scientists in 1921. It is one of the cheapest forms of coffee as compared to ground coffee and it also produces less amount of waste than other coffee. But the taste of the coffee is not very bold so, most coffee lovers did not like it but if you are in hurry and want to drink coffee then instant coffee would be the best option for you.
Does coffee increase cholesterol?
There is research that shows that drinking the French press and boiled coffee can increase the cholesterol level in your body. There is the oil in the coffee which is called cafestol which is known to release a huge amount of calories in the body. So, cholesterol is not healthy for your body because most of them have bad cholesterol that is very harmful to your cardiovascular health.That’s why most of the doctors advise stopping drinking French and boiled coffee to people who are dealing with heart disease because that can cause severe damage to their health.
What are the benefits of caffeine?
The first benefit of caffeine is that it is used to boost the energy in the human body and most people drink it at the start of their day, so they can be energetic all day. There is research that shows that it is very beneficial for the human brain. It improves focus and also enhances the mood. There are many people that use caffeine to get to their weight loss goals and use it as the pre-workout and get the desired amount of energy which they use to train hard in the gym.
How much coffee beans is Vietnam exporting?
Vietnam is the second-largest country in the world in producing coffee beans. It is giving tough time to Brazil who has secured number 1 place from the last century and there are many reports that say that if the speed in the growth of coffee remains constant in the next ten years then Vietnam would be the number one exporter of the coffee beans. The export of coffee was 150 million in 1994 but when the US lifted the trade ban the exports reached 900 million within seven years.
Is the trade of coffee good in the world?
Yes, it is one of the best things that are traded in the world. Coffee is exported all over the world but most of the consumption is in the USA, Brazil, and other European countries that are obsessed with coffee. They drink a lot of coffee which makes it more popular. People use them more than oil and gas, so it is one of the most popular commodities when it comes to trading. The countries that are producing coffee make billions of dollars yearly and it plays an important role in their economy.


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