Ground Coffee And Instant Coffee – Comparison 2021

Coffee is one of the most common drinks in the world. Everyone needs a coffee cup to start his day; the total sales of 60kg coffee bags in the world is 165m.

This statistic will tell you that how refreshing coffee in people’s life. But two types of coffee are trendy. One is instant coffee, and the other is ground coffee.

If you are here, that means there is a mess around, and some says say that instant coffee is best while the other goes for the ground coffee, but you want to know the difference between them.

So, let’s know what the difference is between them, but first, we have to know what is ground coffee and instant coffee.

Ground Coffee

When you rind the coffee beans, you get the ground coffee. The people like to ground according to their favorite coffee types; some people like to grind it till it is in the powder form, and some want to be a bit shorter than the powder form so, it depends upon the personal preference and coffee type.

Many famous brands of coffee make ground coffee for their customers. If you want to buy it, you can buy it from the local stores near your house or Amazon.

  • It gives you a good shot of energy and makes you fresh.
  • You don’t need to grind it.
  • It is cost-effective
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • Less shelf life


Instant coffee

As the name shows, instant coffee does not take too much time to be made. If you are in a hurry and want to drink coffee, but the instant coffee into the hot water and your coffee are ready to drink.

We talk to many coffee experts, but according to them, there is not much difference between instant coffee and ground coffee. They both provide the same amount of benefits to their consumers.

In instant coffee, the coffee beans are roasted. Ground, brewed, and after that dehydrated. So, the difference in both the coffee is in the brewing process because the brewing process of instant coffee and ground coffee is different.

  • It improves the brain functionality and gives your energy
  • You can make it instantly.
  • It is the cheaper option in all types of coffee
  • It helps you to be focused
  • It has less taste and flavor than the ground coffee


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So, now we know that what is instant and ground coffee let’s differentiate them.


Nowadays, life is hectic, and people don’t have time for themself but coffee is a must for some people because it gives them the energy and power to focus on working all day alone.

Ground coffee making is a bit time taking the process even if you do it on double speed, but instant coffee is very easy and quickly made compared to ground coffee. You can make instant coffee within minutes.

So, if you are trying to choose based on time, you should go for instant coffee, and at this point, the clear winner is instant coffee.


We have tested both coffees freshly brewed and instant. But if we talk about the taste, then we have clearly a winner, and that is ground coffee; the ground coffee has a more robust aromatic flavor which the real coffee lovers want, while the instant coffee lacks in the taste.

The difference in the taste comes in the making process and especially in the selection of coffee beans. The instant coffee brands go for the cheaper beans options because of which instant coffee lacks in taste.

If you are a true coffee lover and want strong aromatic coffee, ground coffee is your first option.

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Most people drink coffee because it gives them the energy to work all day long and focus properly. The amount of energy that they need for their day is provided by the caffeine in your coffee.

Caffeine is the substance that is in the coffee beans and responsible for the energy shots and mental alertness.

The caffeine in instant coffee is 50% less than freshly brewed ground coffee. So, what that means is that if your primary purpose of drinking coffee is to get energy or improve your focus, then instant coffee is not for you, and you should always select the ground coffee.


When considering coffee, it is very important because some people have a low budget and need coffee that will be good for both their pocket and their daily routine.

Instant coffee is cost-effective and cheaper than ground coffee. In the ground coffee, you have to select the beans and then ground them, and this all makes the cost higher, but in instant coffee, this all thin is done by the coffee brand. And you just need to open the packet and mix the coffee into the hot water.

If we see the cheaper option, then instant coffee is the cheaper option than ground coffee.

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In instant coffee, you will probably go to the store and then buy the package, come home, and drink coffee, so there are no by-products of instant coffee, and that’s why there is no waste.

But in the ground coffee, if you are grinding the beans by yourself, then you will create a mess in no time. And you have much waste that will remain in the process of ground coffee so, if we compare the instant coffee is winning because it has zero waste and no equipment involved at all.

Health benefits

If we talk about instant coffee and ground coffee’s health benefits, they are pretty much the same. They both have the same amount of antioxidants which are very beneficial for your body.

They are outstanding in boost the metabolism of your body. Coffee plays a vital role in improving your mental health.

The coffee gives the people energy, but if you are dealing with some concentration issues, it also helps to solve these issues and improve your power to focus on your work.

These are only the main health benefits of the coffee; there are many other coffee benefits, which will tell you some other time.

Know About Coffee Trivia

What is the best instant coffee?

Ans: Many brands claim to be the best instant coffee in the market, but here we have the top five best instant coffee brands that you’ll love.

  • Joe Coffee The Daily House Blend Coffee
  • Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee
  • Mount Hagen Instant Coffee
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
  • Starbucks VIA Instant French Roast Dark Roast Coffee


So, now we have discussed well-ground coffee and instant coffee and found out that the difference is between them. But now the question is which one is the best option? So, according to us, ground coffee is way better than instant coffee.

Because if you are a true coffee lover, then you’ll not like the taste and flavor of instant coffee due to its cheaper and older coffee beans, but in ground coffee, you get the aromatic flavor of freshly brewed taste which you’ll love.

Instant coffee is only suitable for those who want to drink the coffee in a hurry and low price.


Is instant coffee the same as ground coffee?
No, they are not the same. There are many differences between these two, but the main one is that ground coffee is where you just grind the coffee beans while, in an instant, coffee is already brewed and hydrated by the manufacturer. The other difference is that the taste of ground coffee is way better than instant coffee.
Why is instant coffee cheaper?
Instant coffee is cheaper because of the brands making the instant coffee go for the old coffee beans. They get at lower prices, but those beans are not very aromatic as the fresh coffee beans; that’s why instant coffee is less than ground coffee. The cheaper quality coffee tastes like the cheap ones.
Is instant coffee bad for kidneys?
No, instant coffee is not bad for people who are dealing with kidney issues. But the amount of coffee consumption is significant. Don’t drink an excessive amount of coffee because an excess of everything is terrible, so; it may have some other harmful side effects on your body.
Is Nescafe real coffee?
Yes, we have talked to many coffee lovers and experts and researched extensively. Now we reach the decision that nestles coffee is 100% real, and you can’t find the aromatic coffee taste in any other coffee brand as nestle.

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