Honey And Milk: Benefits and Drawbacks [2021]

Milk and honey are not only very delicious but if you take them together, there are many health benefits which you can get. Milk and honey both are used for centuries because of their innumerable health benefits.

Many clinical types of research show that it positively affects your skin, hair, and brain functioning. There are many other health benefits and disadvantages of using milk and honey, which you’ll know in this article.

Let’s discuss what are the benefits of honey on your body?

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1: Strengthen your bones

We all listen to growing that milk is vital for your bones’ health because it has calcium, which makes your bones strong and prevents fractures, but if you add the honey with the milk, they both have an extraordinary effect on your bones.

Many clinical reports on honey give evidence that honey strengthens the bones due to its anti-oxidant properties. If you are a fitness freak but sometimes your bones hurt after the intense workout, honey with milk will also solve that issue and give your bones a more robust structure.

2: Sleep quality

There are many people nowadays who are dealing with sleep issues. People deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders because their sleep cycles are disturbed, and they can’t get the proper amount of sleep which causes more stress.

Many pieces of research show that if you consume milk with honey at night time before going to bed, it will help you better sleep quality. That allows your mind to rest for more time, which is also very beneficial in stress release and anxiety.

So, people dealing with sleep issues should start drinking milk with honey daily before bedtime.

3: Cardiovascular health

If we go with the statistics, more than 48% of the US population is involved in some heart disease. That means cardiovascular health is a considerable health risk for everyone.

There are two types of cholesterol in your body: good cholesterol, which is beneficial for your heart, while others are cardiovascular health that is harmful.

Many studies show that milk increases the number of good cholesterol in your body, and honey eliminates your body’s bad cholesterol so, the combination of honey and milk will be the ideal treatment for your cardiovascular health.

So, to prevent heart disease, everyone should drink milk and honey.

4: Digestive system

The digestive system is essential in your body; if your gut is not right, your whole body will not feel good. The honey has some prebiotic properties, which means that it increases the number of probiotics in your gut, improving your digestive health.

The combination of milk and honey improves the overall digestion system of a person. If a person has problems like constipation, cramps, or bloating, then after consuming the mixture of milk and honey, his digestive health will be improved.

5: Stress management

Stress is the part of our life people are in stress due to many things like businesses, relationships and some other things but when we are in stress, there is a hormone called cortisol increases in our body cortisol is also called the stress hormone.

When you drink the combination of milk and honey, it reduces the amount of cortisol in your body and makes your mind calm and fresh. It also affects your mood, and you can feel a massive change in yourself.

So, if you live a stressful life, then adding milk and honey in your life can eliminate the stress from it.

6: Wrinkle-free skin

The honey and milk is not only helpful for the inside health but also very beneficial for your skin. Many men and women out there face the problems of wrinkles that are very tough to bear.

But applying the mixture of honey and milk daily to your skin can prevent wrinkles and more skin problems. Their antioxidant properties are beneficial if you have acne on your face.

So, if you want to slow down your skin’s aging process, you should daily apply milk and honey to your skin.

7: Moisturize your skin and repair hairs

If you are a person who has dry skin, then you need to moisturize your skin because dry skin can cause breakouts, and that doesn’t look pleasant. So, the mixture of milk and honey also helps moisturize your skin and prevent acne and dry skin breakouts.

Not only this, but if your hairs are falling and you feel that your hair becomes very light, and hair health are not good so, consuming the milk and honey will make your hairs healthy and repair all the damages. It can prevent you from being bald.

If you face any of these problems, then just adding milk and honey to your daily routine will prevent all these issues and make your life healthy.


There are many benefits of consuming milk and honey, but it has some disadvantages, which we’ll discuss now.

Lactose intolerant

If you are a lactose intolerant person (who doesn’t have the enzyme to deal with lactose in the gut), then the milk can cause some damage to your digestive health.

Weight gainer

If you consume milk and honey daily, then both have the sugar, which will result in your weight gain so, if you are consuming it, you should also balance it with the workout so, you’ll not gain weight and remain healthy fit.

Not for kids

Many clinical types of research show that honey and milk are not suitable for the kid’s health for less than 12 months. There are some severe health harms of giving this mixture to your babies. So, make sure that only adults consume honey and milk.

Don’t consume an excessive amount.

One thing that is not only for this remedy but also for everything that doesn’t consume anything more than the normal dose because some people think that when they use more amount, you’ll get the extra benefit, but that results in the opposite effect. So, this is the tip that never consumes an excessive amount of anything.


So, we have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of the honey and milk remedy, like improving the digestive system, lowering cortisol levels, increasing testosterone levels, and improving mental health. And there are some drawbacks like you can’t give this remedy to a baby of fewer than 12 months and it is also not good when heated.

But if we compare benefits and disadvantages then this it has more benefits than the drawbacks.


Do Honey and milk increase weight?
Yes, honey and milk both have calories and sugar. If you consume them daily, then that can cause a considerable increase in your weight. So, if you are drinking milk with honey, you should also balance your calories with an intense workout to prevent weight gain.
Is it safe to mix honey with milk?
Yes, it is not only safe to use milk and honey, but it also has some extraordinary health benefits like it improves your digestive system, makes your sleep quality better, and it has many skin and hair benefits too. But when we talk about benefits, some side effects are disadvantages. It is not suitable for the lactose intolerant person, and excessive honey and milk can cause problems in your digestive systems.
Is honey toxic when heated?
Yes, when you heat the honey, then there is an increase in the numbers of hydroxymethylfurfural. According to the researches, this can have both effects, positive or negative. So, never consume the heated honey in an excessive amount; it can have dangerous effects on your health.
Do milk and honey increase, sperm count?
Yes, if you have low testosterone issues, adding milk and honey in your daily life can have a better effect on your sex life. It also helps if you are having fertility issues. It will increase the total sperm count in your body.
Are honey and milk Good before bed?
Yes, it is very good if you consume it before bed. Because if you are dealing with insomnia or improper sleeping patterns, this remedy will help you gain a good quality of sleep. It will also improve the testosterone levels in men who are dealing with lower testosterone issues.
What happens when honey mixed with milk?
According to the ancient medicated remedies, if you mix milk with honey, then there are many health benefits you can get, like it improves your digestion system, improves sleep quality, increases testosterone production, and many more things. That’s why it is always advised to add honey and milk into your daily life.

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