The Best Benefits of Adding Honey in Coffee

There is no doubt that coffee is one of the most loved drinks globally; there are 160M bags each bag of 60kg is produced globally, and only the revenue of the retail sales of the USA is 5.81 billion dollars; with these figures, you can estimate how big the market of coffee is, and people are drinking it for many decades.

But now, there is a new trend going on in the coffee lovers, and that is to add honey in the coffee. Honey is in the business for many centuries, and people are using it for many health benefits. But today we will discuss that what are the benefits of honey in coffee? But let’s start with a question.

Is honey bad for you?

Is honey bad for you 

There is a general perception that when you eat something sweeter, you might have more calories in your body, and this perception is correct, and the same goes for honey. When you add some honey to your coffee, it will taste good, but you have to burn more calories after it.

But there are tons of medically proven health benefits that you can get if you add some honey into your coffee; we will discuss the benefits in a bit in detail.

Honey vs Sugar

Many people were confused about why the hell people are using honey, not sugar when it has more calories than sugar, so the answer is that calories are not the only thing that we should look at.

Honey vs Sugar

Yes, there are more calories in the honey than sugar, but the honey has many other health benefits that we will discuss. When we look at those benefits, the calories become very tiny matter so; honey is always better than sugar, and people are using it for more than 8000 years.





Honey is one of the most healthy sweeteners that we can use. It has much nutritional weight as compared to sugar. Sugar just gives you some calories, but the honey has vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and many other vitamins that are very useful for your healthy lifestyle.

There are some minerals in the honey-like calcium, iron, phosphorous, and zinc which are very good for your body. These all Vitamins and minerals make it a good sweetener for you to add to your coffee.

Sweeter than Sugar

Whenever you would go in a debate with a sugar addict, he would tell you that it has more calories than sugar, but if you are using honey, you know that honey is way sweeter than sugar.

So, if you use one tablespoon of the sugar, you might need a quarter of the spoon this amount of honey is perfect for making your coffee sweeter when a tiny amount of honey is used than there are fewer calories in your coffee.

Antimicrobial Features

When we read the medical documents of thousand-year-old civilizations, we found out that honey was a part of their medicines. They used honey to treat wounds and many other diseases because it has some antimicrobial features.

If you add honey to your coffee, it would be very beneficial for your health and can be very good in treating many diseases like if you have a cough, then by drinking the honey in coffee, you won’t need the honey medicine.


Honey can also work as an antioxidant in the human body. The honey can protect your body from many harmful bacterias that can cause cancer and other deadly disease like it. There is an increase in cancer patients nowadays, but if we make this trend of drinking coffee with honey popular, there are chances that it would decrease the ratio.

It is an antioxidant, so it will also improve your skin’s quality and very helpful in slowing down the aging process.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The honey also has Anti-inflammatory properties that mean it is very useful for people who have chronic inflammation, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases, and not for only them but very useful for the people who can have these problems shortly.

But only adding the honey to your coffee can make your situation better and protect yourself from all these diseases, which is not possible if you are using the sugar in your coffee.


The honey is beneficial for people who have allergies, especially if the honey is locally sourced. It would have some traces of your local environment that would cause you allergy, so it is a good source of relief from your allergy.

Many people are using the honey in their coffee, and after the use, their situation was not that severe so, the honey is also beneficial in your allergies.

Digestive system

If you are a person, who has some digestive issues, you can coup those issues by just using the honey in your coffee. The honey is very easy to digest because it was broke down by the bees in the nectar.

These are all the benefits of the honey, and by just adding a tiny amount to your coffee, you can enjoy all these health benefits, so, now I don’t think that anybody will use sugar in their coffee. But every person should use honey because it has many health benefits as well.


We have seen the new trend of honey in the coffee, which was very interesting and people were talking about this if its good or bad. Adding honey to your coffee is a healthier way to sweeten your coffee. Honey is way sweeter than sugar, and it has many health benefits, so if you are planning to use honey as an alternative to sugar, you should go for it, and it would be your first decision to a healthier life.


Can I put honey in my cappuccino?
Can I put honey in my cappuccino? Yes, you can use honey in your cappuccino because it has a sweeter taste than sugar. But many people don’t like the taste of honey with coffee so, you should try honey and check if you like the taste. If you talk about us, then we love the taste of cappuccino with honey.
Is it bad to put honey in hot drinks?
Many people think if they add honey to the hot drink, it would become toxic and kill them, but that is just a myth; it does not become poisonous or kill you. If you are heating the raw honey, it would be weaker, but it will still not become toxic. We can use it in hot milk or water.
How much honey should you put in coffee?
The honey is way sweeter than the sugar so, when you are using the honey, make sure that you use less amount than the sugar. Generally, if you use two tablespoons of sugar, you can add one or half tablespoon honey; it would enough to make your coffee sweeter. You can use the honey according to your taste, but you should know that it is twice sweeter than sugar.
Is black coffee with honey good for weight loss?
Coffee and honey both are excellent sources to boost your metabolism. When the metabolism is increased, your body will work more efficiently than b, which would help you lose weight. Many clinical types of research show that by using black coffee and honey, weight loss was faster.


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