How to Brew Whole Coffee Beans – The Ultimate Guide

A perfect cup of Coffee can change your whole day. Yes! You have read it right. We will discuss here that how to brew a coffee at home. Coffee is becoming an essential part of a morning ritual for many people as it gives them the excitement and comfort to work the whole day. So, now you can imagine that how important is to take a perfectly brewed coffee.

There are numerous ways to brew a coffee at home by using a variety of coffee makers available in the market. But coffee addicts always suggest you buy whole coffee beans to get a perfectly brewed coffee than to purchase K-cups or Nespresso Compatible Capsules. Because they can’t give you as fresh taste as whole coffee beans can.

It’s definitely not a piece of cake to brew a coffee with whole beans. But here is an ultimate guide to attaining the perfectly soothing and eye-opening cup of coffee with an irresistible taste.

Why we should use whole coffee beans?

To get the perfect freshness, aroma and flavor always use whole coffee beans or grind them right before brewing a cup of coffee. The fresher the beans the more aromatic and flavorful coffee you will get.

While grinding whole beans a problem that people face is an even grind. Many coffee grinders available in the market do not grind whole beans evenly rather a coarse mixture is formed with pieces of unequal sizes. Of course, they will not brew at the same rate. There are chances that some of them will be under-extracted and some of them will get over-extracted giving you a bitter and harsh flavor.

So, if you do not have a good quality grinder then try not to grind the whole beans. Instead, brew them as a whole.

Coffee Beans Deterioration

Deterioration of coffee beans is a major problem. All things considered, when the beans are ground, oxidation happens all the more rapidly (oxidation is the thing that makes apples become earthy colored). So, you have to instantly brew a coffee after grinding the beans.

Carbon dioxide is the thing that animates the exchange of oil from the beans to the water. Luckily for me, I commonly crush my beans once per week and store them in a sealed box. This will avoid the escaping of carbon dioxide and preserves its flavor to some extent. If you purchase pre-ground coffee beans and place them openly or in a box that is not air-tight, you will surely lose the flavor of the coffee.

Dampness additionally drains the taste of coffee. On the off chance that you brew some damped coffee beans or already brewed beans, you will feel the loss of flavors and aroma. When you pound the whole beans on an exposing surface there are chances that these beans will get moisture or dampness from the air.

So, if you need much flavor in your coffee as could be expected, limit openness to dampness by keeping beans totally flawless.

And afterward, there’s contamination. Make sure that your beans never get contaminated with the smells present in the kitchen otherwise; it will be going to destroy the coffee flavor.

At the point when I became persuaded that entire bean blending has a couple of things making it work, I needed to know how to brew coffee with the whole beans.

Things needed to make a perfect whole bean coffee

Before you start making coffee make sure that you have all the ingredients listed below:

  • Boiling water
  • A saucepan
  • 1-pint mason jar
  • Spoon
  • Mug
  • Strainer
  • Whole coffee beans


Step 1:

Put three-quarter coffee beans into the mason jar.

Step 2:

Fill the mason jar to about three-quarters with boiling hot water.

Step 3:

Now fill the saucepan with water and place the mason jar in it. Carefully match the water level of the saucepan and the jar.

Step 4:

Simmer the water for an hour at least. After almost half an hour you will see that the water will start changing its color and now looking more like coffee.

Step 5:

At this point, you can smell the coffee aroma.  Strain the coffee with the strainer.

Your perfect cup of coffee is ready now. Enjoy it!

How to Cold brew coffee with whole beans

Some people prefer to have a cold brew coffee in the morning. It’s not so difficult to achieve that barista like taste. You can easily adjust the flavor according to your taste. Whether you want it to be  strong or light totally depends on you.

What should be the Coffee ratio?

It is recommended to have a cup of beans immersed in 4 cups of water. It will give you an excellent taste with both ice and milk. You can also change the concentration according to your taste.

Here I will tell you that how to brew a cold coffee with the whole beans.

Ingredients needed

  • 1 cup whole beans
  • 4 cups of water

Step 1:

Roughly grind the coffee beans. It shouldn’t be like a fine powder. Take 1 cup of these roughly grounded coffee beans.

Step 2:

Now put this grounded coffee into the container in which you want to brew a cold coffee. Add 4 cups of water and stir it slowly with a long-handled spoon to mix them.

Step 3:

Now cover the container with some lid to avoid dust or insects and leave it over-night or for at least 12 hours.

Step 4:

Pour the coffee through some fine strainer or put the flour-cloth over the strainer and then strain the coffee through it.

Step 5:

Now serve the coffee with ice or milk. If you want to dilute it you can add water to it according to your taste.

Bottom line

A perfect cup of coffee is not so difficult to achieve. All you need is a perfect and high-quality bean. Make sure that your coffee beans are not contaminated keep them in the airtight jar and no one can stop you to get a perfect cup of coffee and most importantly a perfect morning kick.

I hope the methods given above will help you a lot in your coffee brewing process.


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