Keurig k70 vs Keurig k75: Which one is better for you?

The perfect start of the day is when you started your day and got a cup of coffee to brew nicely. It does not matter that class or some meeting would give you the energy very quickly if you are late for the job, class, or meeting.

Keurig K70 and Keurig K75 both are experts in this task, but the question that arises here is that which one is better and which one we should use so, for the sake of this question we decided that we should compare these two coffee brewing system and then tell you that which one is best for you so, let’s start the comparison.

Points Keurig k70 Keurig k75
Servings It is 12 cups serving brewing machine It is also a single serving brewing machine
Time in brewing  It takes less than one minute in brewing It takes less than three minutes to brew
Cost per coffee It costs around $0.60 per cup of coffee While this machine cost around $0.40 per cup of coffee
Use It is very easy to use It is also very easy to use and anyone can make coffee in it.
Water filter The Keurig k70 comes with a water filter in it. The Keurig K75 does not come with a water filter.
Flavor There are more than 150 pod flavors of this Keurig k70. This Keurig k75 has only 16 pod flavors
Water Tank The water tank of this coffee brewer can store 60 ounces of water. The water tank of this coffee brewer can store 72 ounces of water.
Display This Keurig 70 has a digital display This machine also has a digital display.
Maximum Temperature This brewer has a maximum temperature of 195° F While this brewer has a maximum temperature of 192° F
Length The length of this coffee brewer is 16.5 inches The length of this coffee brewer is 14.9 inches
Width The width of this machine is 14.8 inches While the width of this coffee machine is 16.8 inches
Height The height of this machine is 12.9 inches The height of this coffee brewer is 12.2 inches
Weight  The weight of this machine is 13.8 pounds and it is lightweight than the Keurig k75 The weight of this machine is 15.8 pounds.
Price The approx price of this machine is $350 While the price of this coffee brewer is $280

Keurig K75

Keurig K75 

It is a good mid-range level coffee brewer that you can get at a reasonable price. The design of this coffee brewer is very attractive, and the thing that everyone likes the most in Keurig K75 is its blue LCD lights on the coffee brewer’s control buttons.

The cleaning of this brewer is very easy because of the removable drip tray. This coffee brewer has a digital control panel featuring a digital clock, so you can set a time to brew your coffee.  The whole design of the Keurig K75 is made with plastic that makes it very lightweight, but on the other hand, it also makes it less durable.

There are five different sizes of the cup that you can adjust, and those are like three and quarter ounces, five and quarter ounces, seven and quarter ounces, nine and quarter ounces, and 11 and quarter ounces. This Keurig k75 comes with a water filter, so you can use it if you are not using filtered water.

First, you need to turn the machine on and wait for seconds until the screen says you are ready to brew. So, now when the screen is saying that you are ready to brew, you need to lift the handle, put the K-cup in place, put it down, and press the brew button. Now wait and you will have your brewed coffee in your cup within some minutes.

It instantly shows you the sign of ready to brew on the screen that means you can brew many, and it will not take much time to reset after one brew. The brewer will show you when you need to change the reservoir’s water with the blinking of blue LCD lights.

Make sure that you discard the Kcup after use, and there is a pack of 12 K-cups that comes with it and a manual guide for the owner of the brewer that will guide you on how you can set up the brewer if you are doing it the first time.

In our view, if you are someone who needs coffee daily before the office but you are always late then this is best for you because it won’t take long to make the coffee for you and the price is also quite reasonable.

  • The design is very attractive
  • It has a blue LCD light
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It is featuring the programmable digital clock
  • You can brew in five different sizes
  • Less durable


Keurig k70

Keurig k70

Most of the things in this K70 and K75 are the same; this also has a 60-ounce removable water tank on the side of the brewer that allows you to easily fill the water by uncovering the lid and then put it back with the coffee brewer.

It has a very modern LCD that allows you to follow the different tasks in it, and it is very easy to use; you can access those options with the three buttons under the LCD. This machine also has a programmable digital clock that allows you to set the time on which you want to brew your coffee.

The one very useful feature of this machine is that you can adjust the temperature according to your requirements; if you don’t like the 192° F, you can lower it to 188 or 187 very easily by pressing the left, and right buttons under the LCD.

There are five different cup sizes available, the same as the other K75 so, you can choose according to your mood whether you want a small cup of coffee 3.5 ounces or want the big cup of coffee of 11.5 ounces so, it is your choice.

The overall look of the coffee brewer is great and looks like some high-end brewer machine in the market. The silver and black design with the combination of the LCD blue lights gives you a great attractive design though the size is a bit and will take someplace of your counter in the kitchen.

The working of this machine is mostly the same as the K75 you need to power your machine. When it is turned on, open the K-cup box of the machine by lifting the silver stand, put the K-cup in it, and then put it down.

Now the screen will show you the ready to brew option then press the brew button. Now wait for some seconds and you have nice and strong coffee in your cup. It has a removable drip tray so you can put your large cup and travel mug in it easily.

If you want that your coffee brewer does not heat up all night then it has an auto on/ off system that allows the efficient consumption of energy and when you forget to turn it off it turns off automatically.

If you are someone who is always in a hurry and often doesn’t have time to make the coffee in the morning then you can purchase this machine it will give you hot strong flavored coffee in a few seconds.

  • The design and the color is great
  • It makes hot flavored coffee within seconds
  • It has an auto on/off timer
  • It has 72 ounces water reservoir tank
  • Color is not as presented in the photos


Keurig k70 vs Keurig k75

If we look at these both coffee brewers from the outside they are quite the same in most of the features and they are very good for the people too they are satisfied with these products according to their needs. But when we dig into these machines further we found some differences in them. These differences can be the key factor that can help you to purchase the best one from Keurig k70 vs Keurig k75.


Both machines are featuring the very famous Keurig design which is very popular among all coffee lovers. There are some differences in the design of these coffee machines that is that the K70 is bigger and heavier as compared to the Keurig k75.

If we talk about the dimensions of both machines then in the length and height the Keurig 70 is some inches more than the Keurig 75 but in the width, the 75 is a bit wider than 70. There are some things in both that are very common like the colors of these coffee machines have the same colors, black, mocha brown, and silver.

The one thing that I want to clear here is that these machines are for the counter of your kitchen. These are bulkier and heavier, so you can take them with you when you are traveling anywhere in the world, so purchase them if you need them in your home.

Digital display & setting

All machines are for the help of the people but these coffee makers have made it to a new level. They have made it very normal to brew a coffee in the minutes when you are in a hurry. They have an automatic on/off system that allows you a worry-free coffee whenever you want in the day or night.

In some features, the Keurig K70 is better and those features are its quietness and quickness. Let me explain these two words when you are up in the morning and everything is quiet and you want to enjoy nature voices with a cup of coffee so, the K70 is way quieter than the K75 so, this will not disturb you.

On the other hand, if you have any guest in your home and now you have to serve them coffee then don’t worry the K70 brewer will give you a cup of coffee in less than a minute and within 15 seconds ready for the next one so, these features of K70 makes it better than the K75.

The other difference in these machines is that they both have the adjustable temperature that allows you to decrease or increase the temperature according to your choices but in this, the K70 has the maximum temperature of 195° while the K75 has the maximum temperature of 192°. So, in this, you have a choice of how hot you want for your coffee.


These both have mostly the same things as all other Keurig coffee makers only fewer things are changed that we will discuss here both of the machines.

Let’s talk about the K70 first. It comes in a very simple package. If you are addicted to filtered water then you can connect the water filter with it but it does not come with it. It needs some kind of maintenance if you are using it for a long time.

If you know how it functions, there is a pin in the head of the k-cup place holder so, there are many complaints that it got clogged and you need to clean it. There are clear instructions in the manual guide on how you can clean them but if you want it to be easy there are many kits available in the market for this task.

Now let’s come to the K75. This is also a very great coffee maker. It has all the basic things like guides and some other stuff but this has some extra things as compared to the k70 and that is the water filter kit that comes with it.

The water filter kit makes the life of this coffee maker long. You just need to do some regular cleaning and once in a while needle clean up and you will enjoy the coffee that this coffee makes for a long time. The process of cleaning the needle would be the same manual or through the cleaning kit.


Whenever you talk about the coffee makers the Keurig is the first brand that pops up in everybody’s mind and especially if you want the single-serving then the K75 and K70 both are the best options. These both functions have similar functions as you will know if you have read the article above but you might want to know that which one is the better option.

In our view, these both are the best and they have some quality features too but the only game in which the K70 wins from the K75 is the price. The price of the K 70 is lower than the k75 so, if you are a student or a person with low budget then go with it.

As we described before that these both have similar features so, you can buy any of these coffee makers the end of google is to get quality coffee within minutes, and that you will get with both of them.

When you are going to buy the coffee maker buy from our list this way we will earn a little amount of commission and you don’t have to pay any extra money.

Thank you for buying.


What is the difference between Keurig 2.0 models?
There are two main differences in the newer models of Keurig that we can also be called 2.0 and those differences are that the newer version of this coffee maker has the option to use many other K-cups than the older version and the other main difference of these versions are not using the carafe pods but now they are using carafe pods in their coffee makers.
When was the Keurig K70 made?
This brewer is some of the best older single-serving coffee makers from Keurig and it was released in 2013. There are many other good coffees makes in the market but still, the Keurig K70 has made its way in the list of top 10 single-serving coffee makes in the market and that is because of its features and the taste of coffee that it provides to its customers in less than a minute.
What is the difference between the different Keurig models?
It is not very hard to find out that what is the difference between the different Keurig models? because they are mostly the same. The difference is in only two points and that is the difference in the size of the cup that how large or small you can go with and the other is that how much big or small the tank of the reservoir in the coffee makers. If we want to differentiate all the models then these are some points on which we can do it.
When did the Keurig k75 come out?
This is also the same age as the Keurig k70 this coffee maker was also made in 2013 and till then it is also a very famous coffee maker in the market. This K75 comes with a water filter system that gives you a better taste and also low maintenance of the coffee maker. If you do regular cleaning it would last for the years with you. This coffee maker is heavier than the Keurig k 70 so, not a good option for travelers.


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