[Top 10] Best Light Roast Coffee – 2021 Reviewed

A survey was conducted in the United States in which the people were asked which would they prefer lightly roasted coffee or dark roasted coffee. So, 15 percent of the people go for lightly roasted coffee, which means many people drink light coffee.

If you plan to start the light coffee and want some suggestions about the best light coffee in the market, or you are a coffee lover and want to explore different beans.

We have tasted all lightly roasted coffee in the market and bring the ten best lightly roasted coffee for you, so you don’t have to get into the complicated process of selecting the best light coffee.

Here are our reviews

1: Starbucks Blonde Roast

Starbucks Blonde RoastStarbucks is one of the popular coffee house chains around the world. It is an American multinational company headquarters in Seattle. Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl are the founders of these coffee house chains, and they started in 1971.


  • Brand: Starbucks
  • Type: Ground coffee
  • Flavor: Veranda Blend
  • Weight: 28 Ounces
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.8 out of 5


It is Starbuck’s most popular lighter roast coffee option, and they launched it in 2012, so they can attract a big audience that is shifting from medium, dark roasted coffee to lighter ones. They have put a lot of effort and try 79 other roast options to get this taste of the coffee, and then in the 80th try, they get this veranda blend coffee taste.

The beans for this coffee are brought after passing a very detailed analysis process from Latin America. The coffee from Latin America has a very soft nutty and cocoa flavor that you’ll love at the end of every sip.

If you are not a fan of a significantly bolder coffee taste, then the Starbucks Blonde roast coffee is suitable for you. As in the advertisement, the coffee is a very soft and nutty taste, and you can pair it with the almond or something fluffy like chocolate; it will go perfectly with it due to its nutty taste.

It will give you more taste if you put them in the airtight container in some cool dark place. The coffee lovers suggest making it with the filtered cold water to get a full mild and soft taste.

  • A lighter, soft, and gentle taste coffee
  • It is suitable for light taste coffee lovers
  • The beans are collected from the finest farms of Latin America.
  • Taste of quality
  • Cheaper coffee to meet your morning routines
  • No bitter taste after every sip
  • Fast shipping
  • It may cause heartburn to some people.


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2: Bulletproof Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Bulletproof Breakfast Blend Whole Bean CoffeeIt is another American-owned company. The famous writer of 5 books David Asprey is the owner of this company. He introduced the coffee in 2011, and that become very popular due to its different taste and energy


  • Brand: Bulletproof
  • Type: Ground coffee / Whole bean
  • Flavor: Whole bean
  • Weight: The weight of the package may vary
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5


Bulletproof coffee is a very famous coffee among youngsters; the bio-hacker David Aspray made coffee which has coconut oil and no-salted butter that make it different from the others.

The first reason to add this coffee to the list is that the coffee’s taste is very delicious, especially if you are a fan of butter and coconut, then you’ll love it.

The other reason is that it makes you very active and gives you a lot of energy to work hard all day long. Many clinical types of research show that butter makes your brain functions more focused.

We have many examples in our circle that used this coffee to lose weight, so; this is another benefit of this coffee. The coffee beans that reached your coffee mugs are sourced from Guatemala and Colombia’s farms; after that, they pass through many tests to give their customers high-quality products.

If you are going to start a hard day and need a good amount of energy, you should drink bulletproof coffee to make your day full of energy and be more focused. You can also use this coffee before the gym as a pre-workout.

  • A coffee that tastes delicious
  • Coffee mixed with coconut oil and butter
  • It gives you tons of energy and enhanced focus.
  • A perfect light roast coffee
  • It is beneficial in weight loss.
  • Gone through the tests multiple time to check impurities
  • Value for money
  • Expensive
  • Poor customer support


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3: Illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee

Illy Classico Whole Bean CoffeeIt is an Italian famous coffee brand. It is an old brand founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy. Headquarter is situated in Trieste, Italy. If you are an espresso lover, you should try this brand because they are espresso experts.


  • Brand: Illy
  • Type: Ground coffee
  • Flavor: Medium roast
  • Weight: The weight of the package may vary
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5


It is the third-best brand in Italy; people love to add their coffee to their morning routine. There is a long history of Illy coffee. The fascinating thing about this brand is that in 1940 they created a lab in their house to study the science behind the coffee to know what they are doing.

If we talk about the coffee, it is a dark color Colombian coffee. When we brewed it, the smell was all over our room, and I love the Arabic aroma of this coffee.

When we tasted the coffee, the taste is very bold, like perfect bold. It has a good amount of sweetness at the end of every sip, and it is also not too acidic. You can barely taste anything acidic in the coffee.

The coffee is not very buttery taste like the bulletproof coffee, but it gives a fruity flavor in every sip. If you are a black tea lover, you’ll love this coffee.

The Illy is the first brand of coffee that launched coffee in an airtight container so, the life of the coffee is long, and you can enjoy the taste of the coffee for a long time.

  • Top-notch Italian coffee brand
  • Great Arabic aroma that you’ll love
  • Bold and fruity taste
  • It has sweetness in every sip
  • They have experience of more than 80 years of experience in this field of coffee.
  • Some sellers don’t allow returns.


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4: Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light Roast

Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light RoastIt is a Canadian coffee company that Elana Rosenfeld founds. One of the most trusted coffee brands in Canada. They have more than 25 years of experience in this field. They started in a small garage near Canadian Rocky Mountain.


  • Brand: Kicking Horse
  • Type: Ground coffee
  • Flavor: Hola – Light Roast
  • Weight: 284g
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.3 out of 5


If you need a high amount of energy to work hard and focused for a long day, then you should try this coffee. They claim this coffee will give you an energy kick to work hard.

The brand is earnest about their products; they collected the coffee beans from certified farmers in South America to give their customers a 100% organic taste of the coffee.

The coffee color is very moody brown, and the taste is just fantastic; when you start brewing the coffee, you’ll have the aroma all over the room that you’ll love, and it is for the light roast coffee.

When you took the first tip, it’ll give you the rich dark chocolate taste at the end of every tip. You can drink with the cream or without the cream both it will taste great but we prefer to drink it with the cream.

There are many sellers online who are selling this coffee, so; you can get from that if you didn’t find them in the “coffee” find them in the organic option you’ll surely get them there.

  • It is an organic coffee
  • The beans are collected from the farmers of South America.
  • 100% premium quality coffee
  • It tastes delicious with or without cream.
  • The good value coffee
  • The Canadian brand has experience of more than 25 years in this field.
  • It is a 100% certified coffee brand.
  • It has a burnt flavor in it.
  • Some customers received it opened.


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5: Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee

Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean CoffeeThe coffee company is based in Seattle, America, also known as the coffee city. They have more than 30 years of experience in coffee making, and they have a team of dedicated lovers. It is affordable coffee brands that don’t go for the fancy packaging but provide taste to their customers.


  • Brand: Real Good Coffee Company
  • Type: Whole Bean
  • Flavor: Breakfast Blend Light
  • Weight: 2 LBS
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5


If you are a light coffee lover, this is the best coffee to start your energetic day. It will give you the power to be focused on the hard long day of meetings or doing something creative.

The brand claim this coffee to be very organic and having no additives or artificial flavors in it. They have collected it from the best farmers in central and South America and then given it to the dedicated coffee lovers in Seattle to roast them.

When you take your first sip of the coffee, it tastes smooth and gives you brisk citrus’ aromatic taste. The light coffee has more acidity than the dark ones so, you can feel that acidity at the end of every sip.

You can make this coffee in any machines like drip machines, espresso maker, French press, Aeropress. You need to pour it into the machine and drink the best coffee after some time.

If you don’t like the coffee, just reach out to the brand, and they’ll make it according to your taste without any complicated question-answer process.

  • 100% organic coffee with no additives in it.
  • The brand of dedicated coffee lovers
  • It has a brisk citrus taste.
  • Affordable price
  • No bitterness
  • The beans are collected from Central and South America.
  • Thirty years of experience in coffee making.
  • Premium level customer service
  • The cost of this coffee is high in Canada


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6: Caribou Coffee

Caribou CoffeeIt is another coffee house chain that is owned and operated in America. Caribou Coffee is founded in 1992 by john Puckett. They have worldwide coffee houses that are providing customers a premium quality coffee for coffee lovers.


  • Brand: Caribou Coffee
  • Type: Roast & Ground
  • Flavor: French
  • Weight: 567g
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5


When we open the Caribou coffee bag, we get the honey roasted aroma with some chocolate and lots of sweetness. It also has a smell of raw cocoa powder. The bag says that it has a very smooth coffee; let’s find out.

The coffee is very smooth and delicious. It has a nutty chocolate taste in every sip. It is not that sweet, which we expected to form the aroma. It has a kind of grapefruit taste that makes your sip a bit bitter at the end, but the good thing is that it doesn’t leave any taste in your mouth.

The Caribou coffee is certified by the Rainforest, which means that the beans you are getting are certified and premium quality so, do not worry at all and enjoy your energy drinks. It is one of the best coffee house chains operating in many countries and has more than 600 branches of coffee houses.

If you are a dark roast lover, then you’ll love this coffee. Because this coffee’s bolder taste is appealing to dark coffee lovers, so; this medium roasted coffee is perfect for every type of coffee lover.

  • Top-notch brand
  • It gives you the energy that you need for a whole day in your breakfast.
  • Smooth and delicious coffee with a grapefruit note to it.
  • Low- acidity coffee
  • It is cost-effective coffee.
  • There are many blends, flavors, and roasts.
  • 100% certified from the Rainforest
  • Grind size is not for the drip coffee


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7: Peet’s Coffee Luminosa Breakfast

Peet's Coffee Luminosa BreakfastAnother American-based coffee brand that is very popular among coffee lovers. The founder of this brand is Alfred Peet, and he founded the company in 1966. The headquarters of the company is in California, United States of America. But now, this company is owned and operated by Jab holding company.


  • Brand: Peet’s Coffee
  • Type: Ground
  • Flavor: Colombia Luminosa
  • Weight: 340g
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5


It is another one of the best coffee companies. If you are fond of light breakfast, then this coffee will go perfectly with your light breakfast. The coffee in breakfast will give you a good amount of caffeine that you’ll need for your day.

The taste of the coffee is very fruity and smooth. The smell feels very significant; at first, we feel the soil smell which gives an impression of its organic coffee beans.

When we tasted it first, we feel the taste of raspberries, so, as described, it has a very fruity flavor that you can drink straight away. The drink is low acidic so, it won’t hit your stomach hard like all other coffee in the market.

The brands changed the name of this coffee from the Colombia Luminosa to Luminosa breakfast blend so, if you receive the coffee with the other name, don’t get confused; the brand is the same, but you might receive the older bag of coffee.

They have a rigorous checking system from which all coffee beans go through, and then the best ones are selected so that the only premium ones are delivered to the customers.

  • It has a very smooth fruity taste
  • Low acidic
  • Blends perfect with your light breakfast
  • Premium quality Arabic and kosher coffee
  • World’s best coffee beans
  • A decent amount of caffeine to get you energized
  • Some customers received expired so check the expiry date on the bag before opening it.


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8: Cameron’s Coffee Roasted

Cameron's Coffee Roasted The brand of coffee on a mission to make America’s number 1 home-brewed coffee. They don’t have any physical coffee shops, but they made coffee that you can enjoy in your home. The company was founded by Janie and Jim Cameron in 1978, which means they are in this business for more than40 years now.


  • Brand: Cameron’s Coffee
  • Type: Ground
  • Flavor: Breakfast Blend
  • Weight: 340g
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.5 out of 5


It is one of the fantastic brands which is also affordable and within reach of every class. The first thing we like about this coffee is the packaging is very excellent and fantastic, and it gives you the feeling that you are going to taste something very significant.

When we open the package, the coffee has a very great aroma all over the room; yeah, right, the coffee smells excellent, but this one is one step more than great. We can’t wait to taste the coffee, and after tasting the coffee, it becomes one of our favorite light-roasted coffee.

The breakfast blend is the unflavored version of this coffee, but they have many flavors of coffee. The coffee feels very smooth, low acidic, and zero percent bitterness in it.

The beans are perfectly roasted, and you can feel the top 10% great quality beans when you taste them. They prefer the taste over the quantity; that’s why they have dedicated workers that handcraft and roast this coffee ideally to reach its perfect flavor.

  • The well-reputed American brand with an experience of more than 40 years
  • Good smell and smooth taste of the coffee
  • Not bitterness and low acidic
  • Top-quality coffee beans collected worldwide
  • They have many flavors that you can try
  • It gives you shots of energy in your breakfast
  • Arabica coffee beans
  • Premium level support system.
  • If you like the flavors, the breakfast blend is not for you.
  • The price went up 5$ in just one night


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9: Amazon Fresh Just Bright Light Roast Coffee

Amazon Fresh Just Bright Light Roast CoffeeEveryone would know Amazon because they have shopped from it online at once in their life. It is the department, or part of Amazon, to deliver the grocery things in some major cities. The headquarters is situated in Seattle, United States.


  • Brand: Amazon Fresh
  • Type: Ground
  • Flavor: Light Roast
  • Weight: 907g
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.4 out of 5


If you are on a budget or a student living abroad, then this one is the best cheapest option in the market to get high-quality coffee. ‘

It is a 100% Arabic coffee that gives you a good amount of taste and energy at a reasonable price. When you open the bag, there would be a very fresh and aromatic smell all around you that you can’t wait to drink.

The brand is very well known for its good quality products, and they didn’t compromise on the taste. They have collected the beans from central and South American farmers to deliver the best to their customers.

If you are not fond of flavored coffees and want to drink a perfect light-roasted unflavored coffee, you should go for the Amazon fresh ground coffee. The coffee will give you energy so that you can work focused all day long.

The brand takes care of all the food manufacturing standards of the American food authority. It gives you the quality of coffee beans at a reasonable price suitable for everyone’s budget.

  • Subsidiary brand of the e-commerce store Amazon
  • Coffee beans but in your budget price.
  • The beans are collected from Central and South America.
  • It is the freshest coffee in the market.
  • The proud USA owned brand
  • The unflavored organic perfectly roasted coffee beans
  • It gives you a good amount of energy that you will need on a hard day in the office
  • Not so rich in flavor


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10: Coffee Bean Direct Light Roast Coffee

Coffee Bean Direct Light Roast CoffeeIt is a brand made by some dedicated coffee lovers who are on a mission to give all their customers high-quality coffee on their doorstep. Many brands think that coffee is all about caffeine, but that’s not the case; Coffee Bean Direct knows that coffee is the name of taste and fresh roasting what they are providing to their customers.


  • Brand: Coffee Bean Direct
  • Type: Whole Beans
  • Flavor: Hawaiian Kona Blend (10% Kona)
  • Weight: 2267g
  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.4 out of 5


It is one of the top-notch brands of coffee which are very popular among the people. The coffee beans are sourced from Central and South America, which is the hub of the best high-quality seeds.

As we told you first, Coffee Beans Direct is a team of dedicated professionals who makes sure that perfectly roasted coffee beans reached your doorstep.

When you taste this brewed coffee, you get the buttery flavor in every sip with the coffee bean’s aromatic smell. More than 90% of people love the Kona blend’s flavor, so; you can gift it to someone.

There are many blends and flavors are available in the coffee that you’ll love them and once you try this coffee and they’ll become your one of the best coffee option in the market,

They have an excellent customer support center, so if you don’t like the coffee or want to know about something, you can contact them, and they’ll be happier to help you.

  • Team of dedicated workers
  • Perfectly roasted coffee
  • 100% Arabic coffee
  • Delicious taste and smell
  • It is another budget option in the market.
  • You’ll get a buttery taste in every sip of this coffee.
  • There are many flavors and blends to meet everyone’s requirements.
  • Average quality coffee, not the best one


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Buying Guide

These are the ten best light roasted coffees in the market, but if you don’t know what you should consider before buying the lightly roasted coffee, keep reading.

These are the things that a person should consider to buy the best light roasted coffee.


Taste is the first thing we should see before buying the coffee because if coffee doesn’t taste good, how can anyone drink it.

If you are new to coffee drinking, you should drink light, medium and dark roasted coffee to know which one you like the most. Then there are many flavors in every roast; some have vanilla, chocolate, butter, and many more so; you should know which one is best for you.

If you selected that light roast as the one you like, then there are many blends and flavors that we have added to our list to choose from them.


The budget is the next most important thing when we think about coffee. Coffee is something everyone needs in breakfast daily. The coffee price is significant because it can be costly for you if you are a student, especially if you are on a budget. That’s why we have gathered a list of budget coffee so everyone can enjoy the coffee in their breakfast.

So, you don’t need to go out in the market and search for the cheapest coffee brands, and when you taste them, they taste like shit. We have many low-priced coffee brands, but they don’t compromise on the quality or the taste


If you are a budget buyer, you should consider this thing because it will ruin your budget; the packet size is critical because if a packet just contains a small amount of coffee, it will not last for the whole month.

If you buy a much higher amount of coffee at once, then there is a chance that it will lose its freshness so, if you are planning to stock, then you should know that how can you store it for a long time use because if you don’t know that you’ll waste your money.


When you are looking for light roast coffee or any coffee, you should go for the brand with a good reputation in the market and know what they are doing.

You should know that where the brand’s beans are sourced, and how will you know that? Simply by doing research about the brands or talking to the experts. It would be best if you read all the reviews about that brand.

But we have made this simple for you because we have done all research and bring the best coffee brands for you so you can buy directly without wasting your time.


It is not very important to everyone, but it is crucial for us because it’s important for our earth. Many companies made the packaging of coffee in plastic bags and other non-recyclable material.

So, it is our responsibility to go for the brands focusing more on recyclable production because that is very important for our existence. We should boycott those brands who are using material that is very harmful to our earth.


It is also a vital thing, but some might not consider this thing important. Many coffee brands pay low wages to the employees and take more work from them, which causes inequality in our society.

But many brands pay a perfect amount to their workers and provide them excellent facilities so, it is our responsibility that we should appreciate these kinds of brands and boycott the ones who are causing harm to the workers.

It is not essential for everyone, but the person who cares about humanity will feel for them, and others will just read it.


There are a good amount of people who are shifting towards light roast coffee, and we’ll say that you’ll love that also so, don’t forget to give it a try.

We have gathered the ten best light roasted coffee in the market, and then we have told you that what are the best things that a person should consider before buying the best light roast coffee, but if you are here, then you might want to know that which one is the best light roast coffee.

The best light roast coffee is Bulletproof Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee because it has a very delicious taste and aroma, and it gives you a good shot of energy that you’ll need to work on a long day. The other one which is the best budget option is Amazon Fresh Just Bright Light Roast Coffee. It is the best budget option available in the market, but the coffee quality is good as any other average brand in the market.

You can buy this coffee from our list, and when you bought we’ll receive a small amount of commission from Amazon so, make sure to buy from our link.

Thank you, and enjoy your coffee


Does light roast coffee have more caffeine?
Yes, some experts say that caffeine in light coffee is slightly more than dark coffee because they think that burning the beans for longtime eliminate caffeine but the difference is very much low so, some coffee expert deny this theory.
Which coffee is a more potent, light or dark roast?
We have talked to many coffee experts and people who love to drink coffee, and according to them, the light roast coffee is denser than the dark roast coffee because the light roast coffee has less time in the roast so, the beans does not lose much flavor and body.
Which countries have the best coffee beans production?
Columbia is one of the biggest coffee-producing countries, and they are feeding coffee to more than 15 % of coffee lovers; after that, there are Guatemala, Jamaica, and other countries. Many brands also source their beans from South America that means South America also has good high-quality coffee beans.

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