Long Black VS Americano: A Quick Comparison

One who loves coffee should taste long black b nb coffee and Americano once in their lifetime. Both of the coffee-based beverages offer rich flavor, and they are basically the same—with one obvious contrast.

The main difference between a long dark and an Americano lies in what you pour first. A long dark is made by adding heated water into your cup, then adding coffee. An Americano is made by adding coffee into the cup first, after that pour the boiling water. Both of the drinks have almost the same taste and same ingredients.

You might notice that if you pass water and espresso from the coffee filter, you will get a mixture that is neither a long black coffee nor Americano rather it will be something that is thin and tasteless. It will not be called a coffee.

Here you will understand the difference between Long Black Coffee and Americano and the preparation method of both.

Long Black Coffee – Overview

In New Zealand and Australia, it was the first common beverage. It includes only two ingredients: Hot water and Espresso. It is served hot in cold weather conditions but some people also take it cold. It is made by adding two shots of espresso into hot boiling water.

Some people have the point of view that the long black coffee is created by the Italians who migrated to Australia. Australians were fond of tea at that time but this beverage was liked by them a lot. Because of the rich flavor, this long black coffee has become a common beverage now.

Americano – Overview

Americano means American Coffee. It is created by American soldiers who went to Italy in World War II. It is simply made by pouring hot water over the espresso. It also has a very rich and bold flavor but mostly its flavor depends on the amount of espresso you add to a cup. Americano is now very famous and serves in every coffee shop.

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What is the difference between Long Black Coffee and Americano?

It is quite hard to distinguish between a long black and Americano. The difference lies in the ingredient first added. Both of these drinks have the same ingredients i.e., hot boiling water and espresso. Without further ado let’s look at some of the differences.

The difference in Method of Preparation

Long Black Coffee

Making a long black coffee is basic and noteworthy expertise to dominate. The No. 1 key is, to begin with, your water. Here is the full rundown of steps you’ll have to follow:

  1. Warmth 4 ounces of water to around 195 F
  2. Empty the water into a little espresso mug
  3. From as near the surface as could be expected, delicately pour in 2 ounces of coffee

You’ll realize you’ve made an appropriate long dark when you see some crema—the golden or tan-shaded froth that covers the outside coffee—coasting on the water. The espresso will likewise be prepared to drink.


Americano is one of the drinks that almost everyone loves to drink and enjoy. When you have your cup prepared, follow these steps:

  1. Warmth 6 ounces of water to 195 F and put in a safe spot
  2. Empty 2 ounces of coffee into an unfilled cup
  3. Top up the cup with your boiling water

Note that the proportion of high temp water to espresso is marginally lower on account of the long dark. You can adjust either formula to whatever volume you like, however, we suggest keeping up the proportions at 2:1 for a long dark and 3:1 for an Americano. Obviously, anything more than 12 ounces and you’ll be playing with a great deal of caffeine for a solitary serving. Be cautious, caffeine is best with some restraint.

Difference in Taste

Long dark espresso holds the espresso crema, coasting on top of each cup that is enjoyed by many people.  It will in general have a more grounded flavor and somewhat better taste contrasted with an Americano.

It is significant to keep in mind while making a long dark espresso: high temp water first, and then coffee. That way you would not lose the excellent crema on top or end up with some Americano when what you need is a long dark espresso.

The flavor of espresso relies upon the espresso beans, the cooking levels, and the preparing technique. For espresso-like Americano and long dark, the proportion of coffee versus water will likewise adjust the taste.

The difference in Caffeine content

The caffeine content in Long Black versus Americano is likewise perhaps the most mainstream inquiry among espresso consumers. Furthermore, here is your answer.

As both espressos are made with coffee shot and boiling water. Accordingly, the distinction in caffeine content depends on the number of coffee shots. With respect to that, it changes from one brand to another. Some coffeehouses have their little 6-8oz cup of Americano made with 1 shot of coffee while a similar size cup of Long Black made with 2 shots. Other cafés may treat these 2 espresso drinks similarly by utilizing a similar number of shots for a similar size.

Besides, the sort of espresso beans use may likewise add to the distinctions in the caffeine content between long dark and Americano. Anyway since they are both dark espresso in this way they are typically fermented with similar espresso beans.

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The difference in Calorie Intake

In the event that you are watching your calorie intake and are pondering which has fewer calories between a Long Black and an Americano, at that point wonder no more.

In reality, you are in karma since they are basically the most minimal calorie espresso you can drink!

Fundamentally, the source of the calories i.e. coffee is present in both of the drinks so they have an almost similar calorie count.

Clearly, a twofold Espresso shot will have a greater number of calories than a solitary shot, and there will even be little variances in calories between a solitary Espresso shot from one bistro contrasted with a solitary Espresso shot from another, yet expecting they are produced using a similar base espresso shot, they will have a similar measure of calories.

The calorie data has been taken from Starbucks UK:

  • Calories in a Starbucks Café Americano
  • Short: 23 Kcal
  • Tall: 46 Kcal
  • Grande: 69 Kcal
  • Venti: 92 Kcal

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Final Verdict

While everybody inclines toward various flavor profiles for their espresso, I right now favor the long Black coffee.

The crema in a long black holds up greater as compare to the Americano, where it’s normally separated by the expansion of boiling water. Crema holds a ton of flavor, and it resembles drinking velvet.

A lot of individuals lean towards an all the more smooth flavor or aren’t devotees of crema. On the off chance that is the situation for you, I would suggest an Americano.

Each is tasty in its own specific manner. Assuming you’re an espresso sweetheart and you haven’t yet shared, put the long dark and the Americano on your list of must-dos.

Have a great coffee!

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