Smeg Coffee Maker: A brutally Honest Review – [2021]

Smeg is a well-known brand in the Coffee Industry and other electric appliances. This brand produces some chic retro-style designs that enhance the beauty of your kitchen. And the interesting thing about the smeg items is that they are very affordable and it makes smeg a good selling brand.

The Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is a dependable and very much a basic machine with a simple display that is somewhat confusing but it has the potential to provide you with a variety of drinks. It utilizes an auto-start and warming plate to get a cup of espresso anytime you have a craving for it.

Numerous clients love it for its surprising shape and fun shading choices that make the machine fly in your kitchen. However, note that this machine is that it is somewhat pricier than other equivalent models.


Smeg Coffee Maker

It has a splendid enamel finish that makes this machine more bright and shiny. Its retro-inspired style is featured in many online journals, magazines, and critics by storm. Wearing the well-known retro plan Smeg machine clients have come to know and cherish, the Smeg trickle espresso maker style and capacity to mix the ideal mug of espresso without fail.

While its looks are surely a driving variable to buy, numerous clients keep thinking about whether the Smeg espresso machine is durable or not. We have reviewed this coffee maker and brought to you all the pros and cons of this chic machine.


Prior to getting further into every aspect of this espresso machine, it’s essential to investigate every one of its features that the Smeg espresso creator has to bring to the table. As a matter of first importance, it has a steel body with a powder-coat polish completion and a glass carafe.

It has a very simple display having only 4 buttons and an oval-shaped display in the center of these buttons. You can control each and every activity of this machine with these 4 buttons.

Here is a segment of the other extraordinary highlights you can anticipate:

  • It has two default blending settings, sensitive and serious that let you pick your favored espresso concentration.
  • Its tank has a 1.5-quart limit and a reasonable water level marker.
  • It has a keep-warm plate that will keep warming your espresso for as long as an hour.
  • Its auto-start allows you to mix espresso at a particular time.
  • The Smeg espresso producer has a perpetual channel and a programmed descale cycle.
  • There are three water hardness settings to change the machine to your home’s water type.
  • A cup-size setting allows you to decide to blend only one to four cups, or you can fill the 10-cup carafe totally.

Smeg Coffee Machine and Pods

Not at all like Keurig espresso machines, the Smeg dribble espresso machine doesn’t utilize units. While this might be a burden to a few, it gives the client eventually an opportunity to mix together their own blend of espresso beans for each pot. This specific model is utilized to brew trickle espresso, which comes from utilizing ground espresso beans. Also, this implies that for the individuals who view their espresso drinking appropriately, they can brew a bigger measure of espresso by means of the carafe included with the machine.

Is the Smeg Coffee Maker worth the expense?

The essential benefit of the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is its comfort and dependability, which can be reflected in its sticker price. The machine’s controls are genuinely easy and simple, yet you can change every one of the fundamental elements like mix size, preparing strength, and temperature levels to really make a custom cup.

With the machine’s auto-start and keep-warm highlights, you can anticipate having hot espresso at whatever point you need it. This machine is easy to control.

Obviously, one of the vital advantages for some individuals is this current machine’s lovely look. Smeg is known for its retro propelled plan in smooth, updated bundling for current life. This is surely the situation for the Smeg dribble espresso machine. It has a tenderly bent top with sparkling metal accents and a moderate shape. Notwithstanding more standard tones like silver, high contrast, you can likewise get it in:

  • Cream
  • Pastel blue
  • Pastel green
  • Red

Clients likewise like how durable the machine is. Its weighty, strong steel body and non-slip feet cause it to feel far sturdier than the common plastic espresso creator. Numerous individuals report having the machine for quite a long time with no issues, so it is something you can purchase once and save for some time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some clients have an issue with this espresso producer that its programmed clean update work. When the clean light turned on, the espresso maker doesn’t work until you clean it, which can be somewhat irritating for a few. Notwithstanding, others find that they like this component since it tells them when the machine should be kept up.

Another disadvantage that gets raised is essentially the cost. Contingent upon the shading you get and where you get it, the espresso machine from Smeg might be somewhere in the range of $150 to $300. It is ready to move in an assortment of home products stores and online sellers like Amazon. On the off chance that you need the white tone, you should go to Williams-Sonoma since this tone is solely made for that organization.

What is the reputation of Smeg Coffee Machine in the market?

Except if you need a machine that makes in excess of 10 cups all at once or a machine that is under $100, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is an ideal decision. When contrasted with other famous trickle brewers, there are a few things that make the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker stick out. No other gadget has a similar notable traditional design that such countless different clients love. It likewise has a tough steel-and-glass development that isn’t found in most less expensive brands.

Simultaneously, the Smeg espresso producer has a similar degree of espresso-making choices as programmable machines like the Cuisinart 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. The Smeg machine additionally has a similar degree of keep-warm as the De’Longhi eight-mug espresso producer and a similar speed of preparing as the Bunn Classic espresso creator.




Beginning with the outside first, we should talk about appearance. Just from taking a gander at it, you can advise that incredible consideration was taken to plan a machine that is good-looking – this espresso machine is dazzling.

It has retro energy that finds a way into the air of practically any kitchen easily, giving the room simply a trace of exemplary style. Its accessible tones are another factor that makes it engaging, with the item accessible in an assortment of cool tones including cream, mint green, light blue, and dark.


Because of the adjusted, retro style, the Smeg brewer is significantly greater than most customary espresso creators. To truly appreciate it, you need to have a devoted and sufficiently estimated space for it.

In case you’re stressed over space or you realize that you have a little ledge, it very well may be a smart thought to quantify your space and contrast the numbers and the elements of the Smeg machine in advance.

The espresso machine has non-slippery feet on the base, which is extraordinary for families with kids or pets who like to scrutinize the counter when nobody is home.


A lot of this relies upon what espresso you are utilizing and in the event that you get it new simmered (from a neighborhood roaster, if conceivable). In case you’re an espresso fanatic like me, the taste will probably be the main factor. On the off chance that this is valid about you, you’ll likely have seen the way that plastic espresso creators give the espresso inside an unobtrusive taste. Indeed, there is no chance of stress over it.

It brews a pot of perfect, great-tasting espresso that is liberated from lingering flavors. As we got into our second and third cups, we tracked down that each cup tasted only equivalent to the first in quite a while of its taste and perfection.

Auto Shut-off

Regardless of whether you neglect to put off your espresso pot or deliberately leave it on constantly, you ought to find out about the programmed shut-off that this specific pot is furnished with.

After 20 minutes this machine automatically shuts off. And if you are stressed that your coffee will not be as hotter now, then don’t panic. This machine is wisely designed. The more heat coffee takes from the warm plate the more you will experience a bitter and burnt-off taste. So this is the reason for the automatic shut off that according to me is an excellent feature.

To battle this little issue, you should simply make less espresso at one time. You may have to make another little pot in the event that you finish the first, notwithstanding, each cup will taste on par with the first.

One thing that I saw about keeping the machine on and is that it blares shockingly boisterous. The volume of the blares was very stunning on the first occasion when it controlled on, yet I immediately became acclimated to it and now I barely even ponder over it.

Going with this, you can likewise program the Smeg to turn on at a specific time. Thusly, your espresso can begin fermenting before you even get up!


As you can see from taking a gander at the photographs, the Smeg is a computerized espresso brewer. At the end of the day, it’s exceptionally easy to utilize. The entirety of its data appears on the LED show, which has a convenient little backdrop illumination that isn’t excessively splendid and works really hard of opposing glare.

On the presentation, you’ll discover the entirety of the data you need to keep your espresso brewer running productively.

  • Strong steel body
  • Novel up-to-date plan
  • Basic controls with auto-start
  • Auto-clean update work is irritating
  • It’s on the expensive side


The Verdict

Eventually, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is something beyond the aesthetic. The capacity to get smooth, retro styling and outlandish shadings are extraordinary, yet that isn’t the solitary thing this machine has to bring to the table.

Its mix of customization and comfort makes extraordinary espresso whether you are a dark espresso devotee or simply need a catalyst for all your cream, sugar, and pumpkin-zest enhancing. With the extraordinarily tough development, this is an extraordinary venture piece that will give you espresso for years to come.


What coffee does the Smeg coffee machine use?
Smeg uses its own coffee blends and you can also use Illy Classico arabica ground coffee, and Lavazza Qualitia Rossa beans to get a perfect cup of coffee.
Are Smeg coffee machines any good?
Yes, Smeg is well known for manufacturing chic retro-style coffee makers that not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also give you a perfect cup of coffee.


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