Nespresso VertuoLine VS Evoluo – Which One’s Worth Buying?

Coffee making is now just as easy with VertuoLine and Evoluo as getting a glass of water for yourself. These machines use the Nespresso Coffee Capsules and are definitely the best and most recommended coffee machines out there. These machines have super easy automatic working and are capable of preparing your mug of coffee in just a few seconds.

VertuoLine and Evoluo; both are very well known for their amazing functionality. Both of them are Nespresso’s single-serve brewers with a lot of similarities and a few differences.

In this article, we are going to see how these two machines are different and similar, and which one would be suitable for you.


Nespresso’s VertuoLine

When talking about Nespresso’s coffee machines, there are different models that contain a bunch of different aspects worth considering. The VertuoLine or most commonly called “Vertuo” is the most basic one out there and the very first one on the list. While a bit upgraded model to Vertuo is the VertuoLine Plus.

VertuoLine VS Evoluo – Similarities

Nespresso’s Evoluo

And after these two, comes the third on the list which is Evoluo; the latest and impressive one. When it comes to a comparison between VertuoLine and Evoluo, they both are definitely of great value. But which one would perfectly go with your coffee requirements? It totally depends on you to make a decision.

VertuoLine VS Evoluo



Both VertuoLine and Evoluo are much similar in their working and functionalities. Here are some of the things that are common between the two.


Both of them work in many similar ways. Both of them are pretty much simple to handle and offer one-touch brewing. The water tanks in both the machines are removable and they are super easy to maintain as well. Also, Vertuo and Evoluo, both use the same Nespresso capsules to prepare delicious, different flavored coffees.

Brew Types

A very good thing about all Nespresso’s models is that they use the same capsules. In both the Vertuo and Evoluo, the capsule type, as well as the cup size, is the same. So, all other things about brew types also remain the same.

The best thing about these machines – they automatically read the label of the capsules when you insert them into the coffee maker. This is due to a smart in-built Centrifusion technology which makes the machine produce the right amount of coffee with the right amount of temperature required.

Hot or Iced Coffee

You can easily prepare hot or iced coffee with both machines. For any Nespresso coffee machine, you can say the sky is the limit. They work the same for iced coffee as they do for hot coffee. The milk Frother easily works for hot or cold coffee. For iced coffee, all you need to do is add ice cubes to your coffee mug and brew.


Although the VertuoLine and Evoluo are very much similar to each other, at the same time, they are different as well. let us see what things make them different from each other.

Size and Weight

The Nespresso VertuoLine is slightly bigger in size than the Evoluo. Vertuo has dimensions of 11.91 x 8.30 x 11.93 inches and it weighs around 12.34 pounds. The machine does not require a lot of space to fit in, as it is not very huge in size. It barely occupies any counter space.

When talking about Nespresso Evoluo, it is a bit smaller in size. It has dimensions of 9.0 x 12.2 x 12.3 inches. Its weight is 11 pounds. As it is even smaller than not-so-big Vertuo, it occupies even lesser space than Vertuo does.


The Vertuo and Evoluo seem to be much similar in designs. But the thing is, they are not. They are not completely different in their looks, but also are not the same in their designs.

When you see the two machines at first, you might think they look exactly the same. But looking at them for a few more seconds would make you realize that Vertuo is round in shape while Evoluo is something like a square, or you can say it’s more of a box type.

VertuoLine VS Evoluo – Similarities

Water Reservoir/Water Tank

The two machines have different-sized water tanks. VertuoLine’s water tank can hold up to 40 ounces of water while Evoluo’s water tank has a capacity of 54 ounces. This is where it gets a bit complicated in the case of Vertuo coffee machine while Evoluo’s greater capacity makes it much handier and reliable.

Capsules Collection Capacity

Both the Vertuo and Evoluo coffee machines have capsules collection boxes but the difference occurs in their capacity of holding the number of capsules. In the case of VertuoLine, it has a capacity of holding 10 used capsules.

But in the case of the Evoluo, it can hold up to 14 used capsules very easily.


Nespresso VertuoLine

You might already know about the amazing features of Vertuoline. There are so many good things about it and here they are.

  • Auto Shut Off Feature – With this amazing auto shut-off feature, you won’t have to worry about consumption of energy, in case you forgot to shut off the machine. To turn off the machine, all you have to do is press the only button present on the machine for 3 seconds. And in case you forget, the machine automatically shuts off after 9 minutes of inactivity.
  • Size and Design – Nespresso’s Vertuo is kind of round in shape and isn’t too large in size. It is 11.91 x 8.30 x 11.93 inches big.
  • Super Easy Working – The working of the machine is pretty much simple. There is only one button, used for both turning it on and off.
  • Cup Sizes – Five different cup sizes can be used; 1.35 oz, 2.70 oz, 5 0z, 8 oz, 14 oz. More choices for the cup sizes make you spill less and consume more coffee.
  • One-Touch Brewing – it has a One-touch brewing system. You can prepare your favorite coffee with just one single touch of a button. The capsules are automatically ejected after brewing.
  • Automatic Capsule Recognition – the Vertuo automatically recognized the type of capsule that you’ve inserted. The barcode on the rim of each capsule helps the brewing parameters adjusted by the machine itself.
  • Centrifusion Technology – Nespresso’s Vertuoline uses Centrifusion Technology to make the capsules spin for 7000 rotations in one minute and blend with the water and produce a perfect crema for your favorite coffee.
  • Water Tank – It has a bigger water tank as compared to other coffee machines in the market. Its tank is removable as well and can hold up to 40 oz of water.
  • Fast Heat-up – After turning the machine on, it only requires 15 to 20 seconds to preheating up.

Nespresso Evoluo

Evoluo is the latest and a better version of VertuoLine. Let’s have a look at its features.

  • Auto Shut Off Feature – Just like Vertuo, Evoluo also has this amazing auto shut-off feature. To turn off the machine, all you have to do is press the only button present on the machine for 3 seconds. And in case you forget, the machine automatically shuts off after 9 minutes of inactivity.
  • Design and Size – Nespresso’s Evoluo is not round in shape. Rather, it looks more box-shaped, or you can say it has squared corners instead of round ones. Its dimensions are 9.0 x 12.2 x 12.3 inches.
  • Super Easy Working – The working of the machine is pretty much simple. There is only one button, used for both turning it on and off.
  • One-Touch Brewing – Evoluo has an even more convenient Brewing system and works on a single touch of a button.
  • Automatic Capsule Recognition – The Evoluo automatically recognizes the type of capsule that you’ve inserted, just as the Vertuo does. The barcode on the rim of each capsule helps the brewing parameters adjusted by the machine itself.
  • Water Tank – Evoluo’s water tank is pretty much bigger, even bigger than the Vertuo’s. It can hold up to 54 oz of water and is removable as well.
  • Recyclable Capsules – For Nespresso’s Evoluo machine, recyclable capsules are also available.
  • Aeroccino Milk Frother – On its purchase, Evoluo’s box also contains Aeroccino Milk Frother with the help of which you can prepare Cappuccinos and Lattes.
  • Centrifusion Technology – Same as the Vertuo does, Evoluo also uses the Centrifusion Technology to make a perfect blend for a perfect coffee.
  • Various Cup Sizes – Just like Vertuo, Evoluo can also support up to 5 cup sizes; 1.35 oz, 2.7 oz, 5 oz, 7.7 oz, and 14 oz.
  • Fast Heat-up Time – It only takes 15 seconds to get preheated.


About VertuoLine Evoluo
Material Plastic Plastic
Dimensions 11.91” x 8.30” x 11.93” 9.0” x 12.2” x 12.3”
Weight 12.3 pounds 11 pounds
Reservoir size 40 oz 54 oz
Brew Sizes 3 positions 4 positions
Capsule Collection Capacity 10 capsules 14 capsules
Power 1350 W 1350 W
Centrifusion Yes Yes


  • Decent design
  • Occupies less countertop space
  • Easy assembling and handling
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Available in different colors
  • Fast pre-heat-up
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Comes with Nespresso capsules
  • One-Touch brewing
  • In-built Centrifusion Technology
  • Can’t use coffee grounds
  • The prepared drink is less hot



  • Modern look
  • Simple and easy handling
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Removable water tank
  • Bigger water tank
  • Requires less time for drink preparation
  • Can prepare Latte and Cappuccino
  • Exceptional coffee flavors
  • Prepares hotter drinks than other virtual models
  • Uses ONLY Nespresso coffee capsules


Which One to Buy?

This totally depends on you. Although most of the working and features of both; the Vertuo and Evoluo are similar. But things that make a difference are the Quality of the machine, lifetime, and the types of capsules it uses. You may read all about these machines and then decide which one should you go for.

Here are a few recommendations which might be helpful for you.

Go for VertuoLine if

  • You prefer using dark roasted beans
  • You want a small reservoir for your coffee machine
  • You have a limited budget

Else, Go for Evoluo if

  • You prefer using lightly roasted coffee beans
  • You want a bigger reservoir for your coffee maker
  • You like drinking super-hot coffee
  • You don’t mind spending a little more on a better machine

Final Verdict

Although both the VertuoLine and Evoluo are great choices Evoluo is still much better in terms of Quality and Working, as it is an upgraded version of VertuoLine. Also, Evoluo has a better heating system than Vertuoline.

So, if you’re fond of drinking super-hot coffee, Evoluo is the one for you. And obviously, you won’t mind spending a little more on an instant hot cup of coffee with a rich crema.

We hope this article was helpful for you, whether you make a decision for VertuoLine or Evoluo.

NOTE: Before you make a purchase, make sure you research well about both of these products and then make a decision.


Is Nespresso VertuoLine discontinued?
Yes, the VertuoLine coffee machine was discontinued for some time. But on the huge demand from its fans and coffee lovers, a new model of VertuoLine was released by famous coffee maker Nespresso.[wps_faq style="classic" question="Which is better Nespresso original or Vertuo?"]Well, this is something that neither has a definite no, nor it has a definite yes, because requirements differ for different people. But Vertuo being the latest and upgraded model has higher ratings and more positive reviews. Also, VertuoLine can make both; Coffee as well as Espresso. While the Original only offers built-in milk frothing. So, Vertuo wins this overall round.
Is Nespresso Vertuo any good?
Nespresso Vertuo is definitely too good. From Crema to decent Espresso and Long blacks, you may enjoy anything you crave for.
Is Nespresso Vertuo and VertuoLine the same thing?
VertuoLine is the upgraded version of Vertuo. The Original, that is Vertuo used the pressure-based Extraction method while the VertuoLine uses the Centrifugal one. Also, VertuoLine has an additional feature of reading barcodes of capsules to identify the type of capsule inserted.


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